One Year Old!

We celebrated Lillian’s first birthday on Sunday. I’m sure that in future years, birthdays will mean swarms of kids and goodie bags and various other birthday party chaos, but this first birthday party was a low-key gathering for the relatives and largely just an excuse for the adults to hang out and eat cupcakes.

Still, it was hard not to get carried away making things happy and festive, and we ended up filling the living room with balloons of various shapes and sizes:

I worried that Lillian might pop a balloon and scare herself (or worse, pop a balloon and try to eat the deflated pieces) but luckily she was gentle enough with them that it wasn’t an issue. She had a great time playing with these colorful things the likes of which she’d never seen before, especially the convenient baby-sized balloons:

Rather than a cake, I made a bunch of cupcakes, with the intention of letting Lillian eat smash one of them. I tend not to bake things often (maybe once a year or so?) but luckily the cupcakes turned out reasonably well, and even looked pretty appetizing I think:

Even though Lillian’s too young to blow out candles and all that, we lit the candle and sang happy birthday. I’ve heard of babies freaking out at this, but Lillian stayed calm the whole time and seemed fascinated by the glow of the candle:

And then we gave her the cupcake. She was a little suspicious at first, cautiously licking the frosting off of her fingers:

But then she dove in, smooshing it into pieces and cramming bits into her mouth — and a lot more onto her outfit!┬áIn a moment of temporary insanity we forgot to put a bib on her, though I doubt it would have been enough to keep from having to change her clothes afterward anyway.

All in all I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed it!

And that concludes the photo-filled recap of Lillian’s first birthday party. Between this and the pumpkin patch trip, that makes two out of the three big before-the-end-of-October events (as mentioned here) in the bag. Next up: Halloween!


  1. Yea!! Cake covered baby pics!!! That is always the best part of first birthday parties in my opinion. I have some really great ones of Amy with her first cake. At Winn Dixie when you have them make a cake and tell them it’s for a child’s first birthday, they give you a minature cake for free just for the baby to dig into. Unfortunately, I chose a chocolate cake for Amy, and talk about a mess!!! She had to take a bath afterwards!! Thank goodness you had the good sense to use white icing! Lillian looks like she had a great first birthday! By the way, one of the gifts we ordered will be slightly delayed, but the other one is on time. It should be arriving soon. Love you all!

  2. The pictures of Lillian are so adorable, Sarah! I especially like the last one, where she has clearly deemed the cupcake tasty. Reminds me of Joe! Lol…I hope that y’all got the e-card I sent for her birthday!!!

    Love y’all! ^_^ Happy Halloween! Can’t wait to see what Lillian’s going to be dressed up as!!!! :)

  3. I have to say, Lillian’s dad did not handle his first birthday with such aplomb. I don’t know if we sang badly, or it was just the strangeness of all those adults suddenly intoning the same phrases, but he burst into tears when we sang Happy Birthday! I think he got over it though, LOL!

    Happy Birthday, Lillian!

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