Halloween Pumpkin Carving, and a Baby Pumpkin Costume

The night before Halloween, I stayed up late (probably too late) carving these two pumpkins we picked up earlier in the month.

In previous years, the seeds always got thrown away along with the rest of the stringy pumpkin guts, but this year I decided to save them to roast. There seem to be a million recipes on the internet for roasted pumpkin seeds, so I picked one at random… and then mostly ignored its instructions, but even in spite of that I think the pumpkin seeds turned out reasonably well when we roasted them earlier tonight. (Not that I have any idea what roasted pumpkin seeds are supposed to taste like due to never having had them before!)

Anyway! Back to the pumpkins. I know you can get pumpkin carving pattern books with designs for witches flying over the moon, and gravestones, and all kinds of other iconic Halloween imagery, but I’ve always liked carving faces. Good old fashioned facey Jack-o’-lanterns. For this year I wanted the faces to be funny and not too spooky, so I started Googling around for ideas and came upon this fun little “Jack O’Lantern Maker” Flash game that lets you combine various face components to make your own design.

It made for some good inspiration, and the faces I ended up carving on the two pumpkins were loosely based on playing around with the Jack O’Lantern maker game:

We managed to bring the freshly carved pumpkins outside on Halloween morning to hang out next to our doorway, just in time to greet the trick-or-treaters that would come by later in the day.

And speaking of pumpkins, we picked up this cute pumpkin costume for Lillian’s second Halloween. (She was only a week old on her first Halloween, and longtime readers might recall the “costume” she wore — more on that here.) These days Lillian is super mobile and energetic, but thanks to one of the oblong balloons leftover from her first birthday party I was able to distract her for long enough to take a picture:

We didn’t attempt trick-or-treating this year, although interestingly I spotted a young couple going door to door with a baby girl dressed as Minnie Mouse, so I guess the “run around with costumed baby to get free candy” thing is totally an acceptable practice in our neighborhood. Which is awesome.

Anyway, this concludes the final installment of the impromptu three part blog series about big before-the-end-of-October things to do — in case you missed it, part one was a trip to a pumpkin patch and part two was celebrating Lillian’s first birthday. How was your Halloween? Anyone carve any interesting pumpkins or dress up and/or trick-or-treat with any babies this year? Feel free to share your stories or links in the comments!


  1. Aww, Lillian makes an incredibly adorable pumpkin!! There will be plenty more trick-or-treating trips you will make. Amy is 10, and she still goes. Also, with multiple children, the years you go lengthen exponentially!! My oldest is 19 now, so I’ve plenty of trick-or-treating experience with kids! I wouldn’t trade those times, though, for anything. It’s awesome to watch how excited they become!

    Your jack-o-lanterns look great, and roasted pumpkin seeds are the best! It sounds like you had a really great Halloween.

    Halloween was good. Bill and I took Amy trick-or-treating. I know she’s technically not a baby, but she is MY baby (or as Bill reminded me, “our baby”; he thinks of her as one of his). We did take her to a haunted house, which was very well done. Overall, it was a very good Halloween. Love you all!

  2. Adorable little punkin pie! I think mom made Joe a costume like that one Halloween (or maybe it was Rachel). Mostly I recall Joe being upset that I dressed like a lizard/dragon from V one year when he was only 1 or 2 years old. I had to put on and take off my headpiece several times before he decided mom wasn’t being eaten by a monster!

    We almost didn’t do Halloween this year, what with animal emergencies and helping friends clean house, but you know I can’t just do NOTHING for that day. We went digging about and found a “moaning ghoul” prop to hang from the front porch. In years past, I would coop the cats up in the hall so I could leave that door open for Halloween (it doesn’t shut fast enough when opened to prevent cat escapes), but I have injured bunnies in there, and didn’t want the cats bothering them, so we rigged the ghoul with a sign pointing to the door we use normally, and a sign ON that door to knock there. Then we found some electric “firepots” we’d bought for SCA camping and never used (because they turned out to be corded, not battery, as pictured), and put those in the side window by that door. Pretty spooky after dark!

    After all that, though, we only got the neighbors from across the street, with their little grand-daughter as a witch – she’s no longer a baby, about 5 I think. They just tore up the road between us and Barrancas 2 days ago, so I guess it put off the normal traffic. I should have done what I joked about last week, and taken my fuzziest rabbit (Hairy Plotter) out to trick or treat for carrots, raisins and apples!

  3. Wonderful pictures! And our very own “Little Punkin!” I had my outside lights all on, but didn’t have any Trick or Treaters. We don’t have many little ones in our neighborhood, and lots of folks are now going to church or school costume parties. I have tons of candy and cookies left over!

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