Autumn Colors and Related Miscellany

Right around the beginning of October, we started to see some lovely fall colors around Chicago.

Orange and gold autumn leaves blowing in the wind.

And despite being busier-than-usual with work and fending off nagging seasonal colds (both of which may explain the slower-than-usual updating here on the blog recently) we managed to find some time one weekend to drive around and enjoy the colors. As the family shutterbug, I couldn’t help snapping some photos of the vibrant orange, red, and gold leaves that were out in full force.

Sunlight filtering through orange and golden fall leaves.

Tree branches with lovely red and orange fall colors.

We also stopped to take a family photo along the water at one of the forest preserves. It seems like getting all three of us into the same picture (not to mention all looking at the camera) has been something of a rarity, but I managed to pull it off… which is kind of surprising since I was just blindly pointing my DSLR at us with one hand.

The above photo was actually taken only a week or so after our second wedding anniversary on September 25th, and I love comparing it to the picture we took on our first wedding anniversary (which you can see at the end of this post.) A lot has changed over the past year to say the least!

Anyway, even though this month is already more than half over, there are still three things (autumn-related or not) to do before the end of October:

  • Celebrate Lillian’s first birthday — less than a week away (!!!)
  • Visit a kid/toddler/baby friendly pumpkin patch
  • Do something for Halloween

We’re planning on having a little family gathering for Lillian’s birthday with some kind of tiny cake for her to smash, and going to a pumpkin patch this weekend if the weather cooperates (which last weekend it sadly didn’t). As for Halloween, I’m not sure yet… Any ideas? Can an adult get away with trick-or-treating as long as they carry a costumed baby from door to door? Feel free to call me crazy in the comments, and stay tuned for more autumn-related bloggings to follow shortly!


  1. Aww, what a beautiful and happy family you are!!!! I must say that I can’t wait to see Lily all covered with cake. Please post plenty of pics, although I know already that you will! ;) Wow, the fall colors there are gorgeous! If only we actually had fall here, but alas, we do not. At least we can enjoy your beautiful pics. I don’t see why you can’t take that baby trick-or-treating. I know she may not be able to enjoy all the candy now, but there are some absolutely adorable costumes for Lily’s size. We snuck a peek at them when we got Amy’s costume this year. I know we’d all love pics of that, too. ;) We love you all and are looking forward to seeing you soon. Hopefully after November 6th, we’ll all have many more reasons to celebrate!

  2. First birthday! Wish we could be there. Is Lily walking yet? I bet she is! I like homemade costumes, when Lily gets older she can help with making one.

    Thought about a table and chairs from Babies R Us for Lillian’s birthday. Will go ahead and order unless you tell me different!

    Love You All!

  3. I have had many couples with a costume-clad baby come knocking on Halloween, so go for it! And a suggestion for Lily’s cake – make it in 2 heat resistant (as in oven) bowls, then stick them together with frosting, cover with orange frosting and decorate as a pumpkin (which I believe was Joe’s first Halloween costume, LOL).

    And now I have to ask, Julia, what happens after November 6th? Enquiring minds want to know! LOL.

    • Well, the election, of course. :) We have our fingers crossed for four more years! I hope we won’t all be crying that night!

  4. *DOH* The meaning of the date was lost on me at the time, I was in grandbaby mode! But I agree, and am definitely putting in my vote!

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