Crawling, Teething, and Other Baby Milestones

It was barely over a month ago that I posted the last baby update, and we’ve passed some huge milestones since then — it’s a little crazy how you’ll get these long stretches of equilibrium and then bam, everything changes at once. The biggest development by far is that Lillian is becoming mobile.

Way back in the five-month update, I posted a video showing how she was starting to do pushups and scoot around on the floor, and we predicted that she’d start crawling any day. Instead, she was content to just scoot around like that for the next few months, until one day she finally decided she needed more mobility to better go after toys and stuff. The first time she crawled a few feet across the living room rug was a moment that we were actually lucky enough to capture on video:

And in just a few short weeks, she’s gone from that first tentative crawling to moving confidently across the room:

The world is hers to explore now, and any object within baby-reach instantly becomes the most interesting thing in the world. Our efforts to baby-proof the house are barely keeping up, although we’ve gotten the living room into a reasonably safe state by tucking away all the wires and breakables, and by installing that child safety gate (which we previously used to keep the cat out of the nursery) in the living room doorway.

In addition to crawling, Lillian can stand for short periods of time as long as she’s holding onto something. She’s even pulled up once or twice using the furniture, though it seems like she’s still getting the hang of that part.

This past weekend, we were at my mom’s helping out with house stuff, and we set up the playpen for Lillian outside. We somehow forgot to mention the standing thing with everything else that’s been going on, so the result was that my mom came outside and randomly saw this:

Standing up in the playpen.

As you might guess, she was rather blown away by the sight.

But Lillian’s new abilities to crawl, kneel, and stand have meant a few other baby containment steps had to be taken, like lowering the level of the crib mattress so she doesn’t topple out.

Standing up in the crib with its newly-lowered mattress.

For some reason, we decided to get started on the mattress-lowering task one evening about five minutes before Lillian’s bed time, which in retrospect might not have been the wisest idea. But luckily it just involved taking out the crib mattress, unscrewing the four brackets, and then rescrewing them back in at the lower position, all of which was pretty fast and easy on our particular crib model.

As the title of this post suggests, the other big development is teeth. The two bottom ones are starting to come in, though they’re surprisingly difficult to catch in a photo. The best I was able to get was this one where she was chewing on something:

An attempted closeup of the newly sprouted baby teeth.

Side note: that something she’s chewing on is the ear of the stuffed bunny from when I was taking her 9-month photo, which I shot on another one of the colorful blankets we received as a shower gift.

The nine month baby photo.

(As usual, you can check out the rest of the photos in the series here.)

But getting back to the teething: much to our relief, it doesn’t really seem to be bothering her that much. There have been a few episodes of fussiness around bedtime where we’ve broken out the baby Orajel to swab her gums, and it has seemed to help, but those instances have lasted only a few minutes and she’s never missed sleeping through the night. Hopefully this trend continues as the rest of the teeth (including the molars) come in, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

For anyone who’s had experience with a teething baby, how did it go? Does an easy go of it with the first few teeth translate into an easy teething experience in general, or does it get worse as time goes on? I’d be curious to hear any thoughts or stories on the matter.


  1. Wow!!!! Look at her!!! She’ll be walking by Christmas, I bet! Is she chasing Grendel yet?? You have been so blessed to have had such an unfussy baby! My two girls had the most trouble with teething, but I think Amy was the worst one when it came to that. There would be some evenings when I thought she would never stop crying! As happy as Lillian always looks, I believe you will continue to be blessed! She’s so beautiful, and I know we’re all counting the days until Christmas! Love you all!

    • It’d be so exciting if she’s walking by Christmas! As for poor Grendel, Lillian gets so excited every time she sees the kitty and will try to crawl after her, usually while squealing loudly (although Grendel is always pretty good about making a quick getaway, haha). Looking forward to Christmas and can’t wait to see you all too! :)

  2. How precious! Just brought tears to my eyes. There’s something so awesome about a baby’s going mobile and standing up, it’s that “I can do it” attitude. And you two are doing such a good job fostering that. And did you know that the environment a child is raised in can change that child’s DNA? Interesting article here:

    Some say that American’s “can do” attitude comes from our pioneers being faced with an environment where nothing was already in place, but had to be developed using one’s own wits and strength. Something to think about.

    Can’t wait to see you all!

    • Thanks for the link, that was really interesting! It’s amazing how much more about genetics and development is being discovered every day, and how we’re coming to better understand the impact of environment on gene expression — and it definitely provides some food for thought when it comes to the conditions our ancestors lived in. Can’t wait to see you all too! :)

  3. Sooooo cute! And I can’t recall too much about any of mine teething (so I guess they did ok), other than this is where bottle feeding has a definite advantage – no *chomp* “argghhhh, time to wean the baby”! The one thing I do recall about teeth was when Joe was 8 or 9, he did one of those wide open, head rearing laughs, and I saw he had FOUR upper Primary Incisors!! His baby teeth had never come out, the adult ones had simply pushed in front of them. The dentist pulled the baby teeth and Joe had to wear a retainer for a few months to correct his bite. Up the road a bit for you, but something to watch for, maybe!

    • Haha, that’s a good point about the perks of bottle feeding! And thanks for the interesting teeth story — I actually had something similar happen where one of my baby teeth didn’t fall out as promptly as it should have, and I think it did cause the permanent tooth to come in a bit weird (though luckily it wasn’t so serious that it required dental/orthodontic work). It sounds like we’ll definitely have to keep a close eye out when Lillian gets to that stage though. :)

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