The Eight Month Baby Update

Taken at 7.5 months old.

It’s that time again — another month has gone by, and as of this past Sunday, Lillian is officially eight months old! The latest installment in the series of photos with the stuffed bunny, taken a couple weeks ago, is shown at the top of this post. The backdrop for this photo is our new(ish) living room rug, and the bumblebee outfit was just too adorable* to resist. To see all the previous photos in the series, click here!

* Teenage Lillian, if you’re reading this someday, I am so sorry for any mortifying embarrassment the adorable bumblebee outfit photo may cause.

One interesting thing that I don’t think I’ve talked about much on the blog is, I’m pretty sure we have a ginger baby on our hands. As a newborn, Lillian looked pretty distinctly blonde, but as the wispy baby hair has gotten thicker, it’s also gotten redder and redder. I think the following photo does a pretty good job of illustrating her current hair color:

A closeup showing how much redder Lillian’s hair is getting.

I’m told that my hair was red when I was a baby, and that it later darkened into the medium brown color I have now, so it’ll be interesting to see if the same happens with Lily or if she’ll stay a redhead like both of my siblings. (Yep, I was the only kid in our family who didn’t have red hair.) The photo below shows both of us at a recent family barbecue for easy comparison:

Me and Lillian sitting on a blanket at a recent family barbecue.

Onto another topic… Remember how at four months, Lillian seemed to find most baby toys boring? At least compared to my keys, or key-like baby toys with lots of intricate moving parts? Those days are long gone. Lillian has reached the phase where she’s fascinated by absolutely everything. Like wrist watches, or the tags on people’s clothing:

Lillian poking at random things at a recent family barbecue.

She’ll even pull the glasses off your face and try to taste them if you’re not careful. But she also likes toys of all varieties now, and particularly loves stuffed animals — especially ones that crinkle or rattle.

Speaking of being fascinated by everything and loving stuffed animals, we happen to have this furry creature running around our house, and it jingles when it moves and everything! Lillian has a tendency to squeal with excitement whenever she sees Grendel, and will try grabbing fistfuls of fur whenever the poor cat comes close enough. Sometimes Grendel scurries away alarmed, but other times (if she knows she’s out of reach) she’ll just hang out grooming herself and doing other cat things. Here’s a short video to illustrate the general “baby sees cat” phenomenon:

When it comes to food, Lillian’s favorites still seem to be apple and pear, as well as other “fruit medley” type purees. (We haven’t bothered with banana in quite a while now, although it’s probably a good idea to give it another shot every once in a while just to see if her tastes have changed.) And she didn’t care for the “mixed greens” baby food much at all, an event that we managed to catch on tape:

(Side note — you know that feeling you get when you hear yourself in a recording and you’re like, “Oh my god, I sound like that? That person’s voice is so annoying! I’d want to shoot them if I had to live with them!” I get that a little with this particular video, although in my defense I think I have an unconscious tendency to talk in a higher-pitched voice when there is a baby involved.)

Anyway, the funniest part about the mixed greens incident is that despite making faces with every bite, Lillian actually polished off almost the entire container by the end. And a few days later when we tried green beans, she devoured the entire thing with enthusiastic lip-smacking gusto, so I think we may have found our go-to vegetable.

One last update: for all that talk about taking a summer road trip to New York, we ended up having to cancel our plans due to my getting a job offer. The new job has a slightly shorter commute and significantly better pay than my previous one — a good thing for our little family in almost every way, except that taking a week off to go on vacation is going to be out of the question for a little while. But we can still go on long sightseeing walks around our own city, or even take a weekend excursion here and there, so there may still be the possibility of some traveling adventures this summer.


  1. Wow! Lots of news in this segment! I couldn’t get started on a reply for going back and forth to look at everything again! Love the Bumblebee outfit, and the red hair (I told you so!). You know we all look for features and habits that remind us of “OUR” side of the family, so here’s mine. Green Beans. My Dad loved them, we had them so often growing up that we used to say Dad would have them for breakfast if Mom would serve them! He grew his own, Mom canned them, and cooked them the old fashioned Southern way with lean white meat. Probably not the healthiest, but Dad lived to be 92, so guess it didn’t hurt him!

    The new job sounds exciting, and beneficial to the family. Do hope you will get some time off at Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing the photos and videos! Love You All!

    • I think I packed this update with a few more pics and videos than usual, so I’m glad everyone’s enjoying them! And that’s interesting about the history of green beans in the family — I’m also told that as a toddler, I would eat green beans straight out of the can like they were candy, so it seems like between both of those things Lillian is destined to be a green bean junkie, hehe :)

  2. OMG!!! She is so adorable!! Pawpaw and I were just watching the videos. She is just so precious! You know, it almost sounded like Lillian said “Meow” in the first one. It sounds like she just might be a genius!!! :) We loved the face she made in the second one. She was NOT going to eat those veggies!!! Thank you so much for the pictures and videos! They mean the world to all of us!! Love you!!!

    • I didn’t even notice about the “Meow” and had to go back and re-watch the video, but now I see what you mean! It’s so funny how you can overlook things like that while a fresh set of eyes and ears will pick up on it right away!

  3. Great news about the job! I have hopes the economy is on the mend here as well: spotted a new Hyatt being built at the airport.

    Love the videos! I swear that Lillian said “meow” in the first. And she definitely was pointing at her dad in the 2nd, as if to say “you think my green goatee is funny, you should see how YOU look with that camera on your face”! BTW, Joseph had hair that color (the pediatrician called him Apricot) until he was 2 or 3 years old, and my hair was like yours, decided red overtones until I was 15 or so. And her Aunt Rachel colored her hair that shade for so long, that when she went “natural”, a lot of her friends thought she’d dyed it blonde! I think red hair is adorable, especially on Lillian!

    • The Hyatt sounds like it could be a sign of economic improvement down in FL — new construction is always a good sign, right? :) And wow, Lillian has so much red / reddish / apricot hair on both sides of her family that at this point I think I might be surprised if she doesn’t stay a redhead!

    • No name yet for the bunny unfortunately — at this point I figure we’ll just wait for Lillian to come up with something once she learns how to talk. :)

  4. Ok, Mom and Julia’s comments were neither one showing up when I typed mine, but they made them BEFORE mine, so it’s official: Lillian’s first word is “Meow”! LOL

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! What is thie company? What will the job be? I am saddend to hear about the lack of vacationing as it seemed as though you guys were quite excited about that, but it sounds like this will give you more vacationing opportunities in the long run. Lily sounds absolutely fabulous by the way.

    • Thank you! :) The new job is a web development position at an agency, and you’re completely right about future opportunities for travel since it offers a pretty nice paid vacation package. So once I’m fully settled in after the probation period, it’ll be a huge improvement over the old job where vacations and holidays translated into lost money for our family.

  6. I was just looking at the Grendel video again. Did you notice how when Lillian first calls out to the cat, Grendel looks first at Lillian, then at the person behind the camera. Seeing no emergency, the cat simply goes back to cleaning herself. But she was concerned!

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