Nursery Furniture Update: The Rocking Chair and Cubbie Shelves

Well, it’s been quite a while since I made any kind of update about the nursery — I think the last time I even mentioned it was in my post about using the child gate to keep the our cat Grendel out of there. In the time since writing that post, we’ve taken the gate down because (1) Lillian is old enough to roll over on her own now, and (2) if Grendel was too fat and lazy to jump over the child gate, it was probably a good bet that she’d be too fat and lazy to jump up into the crib (which has so far been totally true).

Anyway! Today’s post is a long-overdue update about some furniture-related developments that have taken place in this room: the addition of a rocking chair and some cubbie shelves.

As you might guess, the rocking chair was added before Lillian was born. Rather than going with the traditional nursery glider, we opted for a Lazy-Boy style reclining rocking chair in a neutral color — in addition to being a very cushy and comfy thing to sink into (which was really nice during those night feedings in the early weeks and months of parenthood) it also appealed to us since it could easily be transplanted into a living room setting once Lillian outgrew the baby phase. Here it is in the nursery:

The reclining rocking chair in the nursery.

You’ll also notice the white table next to the rocking chair — it’s a LINDVED side table from Ikea. Coincidentally, this table was purchased earlier on the day we headed to the hospital to welcome Lillian into the world (though we didn’t know it at the time) and Joe assembled it a day or two after we brought her home. We figured that having a small side table would come in handy for setting down bottles and burp cloths and other paraphernalia needed while tending to a baby.

But… while the LINDVED side table has the benefit of being very cheap (only $19.95) I don’t think I would recommend it for a nursery. The reason is that it’s made out of metal — very lightweight metal, granted, and it doesn’t have any sharp edges or anything. But being made out of metal means that it can be loud. Setting something down on this table too carelessly is like banging a gong, and sadly, I’ve actually woken Lillian out of a sound sleep this way. (Which is really saying something considering how sleepy a baby she was in the early days.) So overall, I’d be more than happy to kick this thing to the curb upon finding an inexpensive replacement.

Over on the other side of the room, we brought in some white cubbie shelves for storing toys, books, and other random items as needed. These shelves weren’t added until a few months after Lillian was born — I’m sad to say that for a while there, we just had a big disorganized heap of baby stuff on that side of the room. The cubbie shelves provided some much-needed storage space, and still have room to stash even more items if needed:

The cubbie shelves in the nursery.

And speaking of the nursery, there’s also been the addition of a handcrafted mobile, which I made several months ago yet somehow never got a chance to blog about. So stay tuned for a sequel to this nursery-related post, hopefully in the next few days! And in the meantime, feel free to share any thoughts or advice on side tables, storage shelves, or nursery furniture in general in the comments.


  1. I love the cubbies! They are very cute and look a lot more sturdy than the ones I had in my kids’ rooms. I’m wondering if you could find a small toy chest with a bench seat to use as side table. It could serve two purposes that way. Amy has one in her room, and it has become very useful. The recliner looks so comfortable. I probably would have fallen asleep in it during the 2 a.m. feedings!!! Love you all!!!

    • The chair is even more comfy than it looks, and it actually was a struggle not to doze off sometimes during those late night feedings, haha. And a toy chest that could double as a side table sounds fantastic — I think I may have to look into that! Thanks for the idea! :)

  2. The cubbies are super! I like how you can see what’s there. Not so big a fan of toy boxes, though. Everything inside gets smushed or tumbled, dust falls to the bottom and is hard to get out (IMHO). A play table and chairs would be nice (hmm, maybe a birthday gift from g-grand?). I love that elephant pillow in the recliner, too!

  3. Oh, and don’t throw out that metal table, it would look great out back with pots of flowers on it. Even after the paint fades and it begins to rust, it will look antique!

    • Thanks for the tips! And I guess another issue with a toy box might be space, since there’s not a lot of room along that wall… so something taller and narrower might be a better bet there unless we want to try rearranging the furniture. Keeping the table for flowers outside sounds great though — even though we originally found it in the “living room” section, it seems like it might be better suited for outdoors! :)

  4. Yes, actually, Ms. Lyle has a great idea with the play table and chairs. It could be used as a side table now and a place to have doll and stuffed animal tea parties later!

    • A play table is a cute idea — I just wonder if it would have the same space issues with trying to fit it in there though. If only the room were a little bigger, haha…

  5. Wow, you are SO much better organized than I was (or am) when Joe and his siblings were little! I think the cubby idea is better than “toybox”, due to both the visibility factor, and the safety (I do not trust those no-pinch hinges) factor. If you get the kind you can stack, you can put the breakables on the higher (mama gets down) shelves, and the “self-serve” toys at Lillian height.

    BTW, if you get a chance, go see Brave with your mom!

    • The visibility of the cubbie shelves is nice, although it can be a little awkward storing the smaller toys and things compared to a box — so maybe adding a basket / container or few to the shelf would be the best of both worlds.

      I’ve been hearing good things about Brave, which is interesting since it wasn’t even on my radar until about a week ago. We’ll have to check it out sometime! :)

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