The 6-Month Baby Update

A little over a week ago, Lillian sailed past her six-month birthday, and since she had her routine six-month checkup on Tuesday, it seems like a baby update is in order! So to start it off, here is the next photo in her photo series with the stuffed bunny:

Lillian's six month baby photo with the stuffed bunny.

Gone are the days when you could just prop up the bunny next to her and shoot away — now she wants to grab it and play with it and stuff it in her mouth, as this latest photo demonstrates. For the background, I just used the new play mat we got recently, which is made up of colorful interlocking squares covered in letters and numbers.

As for the technical stuff, her latest stats are 19 lbs 13 oz and 29.5 inches. Aside from the mind-blowing reality that she’s more than doubled in weight since she was born (wow!) this is also significant because her car seat is rated for up to 30 lbs and up to 30 inches — and while she’s nowhere near the limit for weight, she’s on the brink of outgrowing it height-wise. So we’ll probably try to start shopping for a bigger one this weekend.

In the 5-month baby update, I posted a video showing how much progress she was making pushing up onto her hands and the possible precursors to crawling, but she hasn’t quite figured out the mechanics of that just yet. She can sit up pretty much unassisted though, even if she is still a bit wobbly at times, and if you lay her on her back she can spin around in a circle so that her feet point in the opposite direction.

We’ve also been expanding her diet. She’s up to two solid meals per day instead of just the one we were doing at first, and we’ve been adding more pureed fruit and veggie based baby foods instead of just the oatmeal. But the best part is seeing her develop preferences — growing into an opinionated little person with actual likes and dislikes. I made the following table to illustrate Lily’s current food tastes:


• Apples.

• Pears. (Goes crazy for pears.)


• Oatmeal mixed with fruit flavors.

• Banana. (And things mixed with banana.)

It’s a pity that she’s not that interested in banana, since it seems like at least half of the pre-made store-bought baby foods include it in some form. But on the plus side, we haven’t observed any food allergies or intolerances of any kind yet, aside from “I don’t care for this banana and refuse to open my mouth.”

Moving on: I think the thing I’ve been most excited about over the last week or so is that she’s started making sounds that sound suspiciously like “mama.” It’s hard to say whether this is just a coincidence, since babies make lots of random babbling noises at this age, or whether she’s consciously trying to repeat after all the times I’ve said, “Can you say mama? M-m-m-m-ma-ma?” But either way, it’s impossible not to be ridiculously tickled pink every time I hear it.

She was saying it so much yesterday that I actually got out the camera to try to record it… only then she got quiet and would only glance suspiciously at the camera while playing with her feet. I ended up with a bunch of video clips that look like this:

Maybe this is a sign that I should shoot more video so she won’t be so distracted by the camera. Although she doesn’t seem to even notice my other camera — the huge DSLR that only shoots still pictures. Probably because I’ve had it glued to my face from the minute she was born, haha.

With the weather turning nicer, we’ve had some great opportunities to go do stuff in the great outdoors. In preparation for some gardening and yard improvements, we packed up the umbrella stroller and went on a little excursion to our local landscape and garden supply shop. Lillian seemed to enjoy looking at the bright colorful flowers, and got a huge smile whenever we pushed the stroller over the bumpy gravel areas.

Lillian looking at a flower while shopping at a local garden and landscape center.

Anyway, that about concludes the 6-month baby update — stay tuned for the next bloggy installment, which should involve all the flowery details about the transformation that’s taken place in our front yard over the past couple weeks!


  1. What a wonderful sight to view first thing in the morning! She is just beautiful and getting so big! She is such a happy baby! It’s easy to see how much she is loved and cared for. I’m not surprised to hear that she loves pears so much. Her Paw-Paw loves them as well. They do seem to put a lot of banana in the baby food, but I don’t blame her for not liking those too much. They don’t really taste that much like banana. (Yes, I tasted it. I was curious!LOL) I bet that once she can have the real thing, she’ll like it.

    I love the pic of her looking at the flower. Just wait until she’s a little older, and she starts picking “flowers” for you from the yard. You know the ones that look like flowers but are actually weeds? LOL You know they’re weeds, but you treat them like they are the most beautiful flowers you’ve even seen. It’s so sweet when children do that because it’s done out of such pure love. You have some amazing and wonderful times ahead with Lily. Cherish them because they are gone all too soon. Love you al!!!

  2. Love the photos! And seems she’s gonna be tall like her parents (sorry that means an extra expense, though). I am sure she’ll be saying mama soon. I suspect that “mmmm” is the first and easiest sound; have you noticed nearly all languages call the female parent “Ma” or “meh”? While there’s Da and Pa and Fa for the guy, LOL

  3. It’s the grandest thing when your little one calls out “Mom.” And you will still turn your head some fifty-odd years later when you hear it in a store, and it sounds like yours! Happy Mother’s Day!

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