Seven Months Old

Lillian is seven months old today! It’s crazy how fast time has been flying by and how fast she’s growing and developing. I’m worried that I haven’t been taking enough pictures, which may be a little irrational since I have about five gigabytes of photos sitting on my desktop right now.

A random smiling baby shot.

One big development that’s happened over past month is rolling over. Lillian can reliably roll over from back to front now, although she still seems to have a little trouble doing the reverse. Sometimes during the night, she’ll roll over onto her tummy and then start crying due to being stuck, so it’ll be nice once she can do both directions more easily.

Mother’s Day — my first one as a mom — came and went the weekend before last, and we had a little family barbecue for the occasion. The weather was lovely, and we ate burgers and hot dogs and potato salad while sitting out on the patio. Lillian seemed to enjoy the time outside:

Me and Lillian on our first Mother's Day.

Aside from that, not too much has changed since the six month baby update. Teething hasn’t started yet, and she’s still not quite crawling, although she can push up on her hands really far now. Lots of times, she’ll roll over onto her tummy and then push up into a position like this:

Lillian happily doing baby push ups.

And she still hates banana — we even mashed up a fresh one to see if there was any difference from the pre-made store-bought purees, and she made the most disgusted face, like we were trying to feed her a lemon or a grapefruit or something… hehe. It’ll be interesting to see if she eventually develops a taste for banana, or if this is the start of a lasting preference.


  1. Aww!! She is just so gorgeous!!! I am so glad that you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day. You are a wonderful mother to that little girl. I can see how much she is loved! That’s why she always looks so happy. She’ll be crawling before you know it and chasing after Grendel. Hopefully, the cat is getting prepared! LOL

    I really don’t think you have to worry about not having taken enough pictures. ;) I must warn you, though. Try not to do what so many of the rest of us have done. You take all these pictures of baby #1, and then, by the time baby #3 comes along, you don’t seem to have taken as many pictures or even have filled out all of the baby book! Amy still comments on that. I try to explain that by the third baby, there was simply not enough time left in the day!! She doesn’t get that…….yet!

    Anyway, Mommy and baby look beautiful! Love you all!!

  2. Happy baby! The “no teeth yet” is normal for our family (and most, or so I was told); I think Geoff got teeth the youngest, but still after 12 months old. Lillian is doing great,and so are you!

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