The Wall Damage from a Whole-House Rewiring

Last week, I blogged about our finally-finished whole-house rewiring. While the most important thing was to avoid the possibility of an electrical fire due to dangerously outdated wiring that was shorting out in the walls and ceiling (more about that here), a secondary concern was how badly the inside of our house would get destroyed in the process of fixing it. After all, we had a young baby to think about… and if we had to move out of our house for a week or two while an electrician worked on the wiring, it was hard to figure out how we’d even manage.

Fortunately, while a few of the Chicago electricians we called foretold total doom for the interior our house, others promised minimal damage and a space that would remain livable throughout. And the one we ended up picking did a better job than we thought we could have hoped for — they kept everything neat and tidy, cleaning up as they went, and even patching and re-painting the walls afterward.

But we still had some pretty spectacular holes in our walls during the process, and in case anyone was wondering how bad walls might get ripped open during a whole-house rewiring, look no further than this post for some pictures. To start with: our bathroom ceiling, which seemed to hold the worst of the wiring problems, looked like this for a few days:

Massive hole in the bathroom ceiling.

This was actually the worst and biggest hole inflicted during the entire process. The rest of the house had smaller holes around the outlets and light switches — which is quite a lot of little holes when you think about it, but our guys did a really great job covering our furniture to protect it from dust, as well as cleaning up the wall debris by sweeping, vacuuming, and even mopping. If it wasn’t for the holes, you wouldn’t be able to tell anything was going on.

As an example, this is what it looked like around the outlets during the work:

One of the outlets in our bedroom during the rewiring.

And when they got to ripping up the ceiling fixtures — including the one in Lillian’s room — they covered the holes with tape and plastic to keep everything contained:

The hole in the nursery ceiling, covered with plastic.

All in all it was much less intrusive and messy than we might’ve feared, and as I write this, it really isn’t possible to tell that any of the holes pictured in this post were ever there. Which is really great, all things considered.

Anyway, there’s still more to be said about the whole-house rewiring project, including various light fixture upgrades and adding ventilation to the bathroom, but since Lillian just passed her six-month birthday and has her routine six-month well baby checkup scheduled for tomorrow, I think a baby-related post is due for the next bloggy update. Stay tuned!


  1. It looks like you had some true professionals on the job there. They seem to have been more concerned with ensuring your comfort and safety than making things easier for themselves. I wish more people concerned themselves about others first. It would certainly make this world a better place to live. By the way, I love how they used green tape in Lilly’s room! It’s perfect!

    I’m looking forward to a Lilly post soon! It’s hard to believe she’s going to her six-month check-up already! Love you all!

    • Hehe, that’s true about the tape! I wasn’t even thinking about the color, but it’s cute how it ended up matching the room. And yeah, I think we really got lucky with how thorough and considerate our guys were, since it would have been soooo much easier to not care and just leave a huge mess everywhere. Thanks for reading and commenting and I’ll try to get that Lily post up ASAP! :)

  2. YIKES STRIPES! We’re having our house wired at the moment, but luckily all walls are open, so it’s much more straightforward. It looks like your guys did a great job containing the mess though! And it’s definitely worth the inconvenience to have an updated, fresh electrical system! (ps. found you on houseblogging)

    • Thanks for dropping by Rachel, and I hope everything turns out well with the wiring on your place! Not having finished walls already in place should definitely make it less of a hassle, although you’re right about it being worth it — the peace of mind that your house isn’t going to burn down due to ancient faulty wiring is a huge plus!

  3. Wow! Down here, most folks think Chicago is really expensive – but not only did you get a pretty good price, you got FABULOUS service! Let them know you are “talking them up”, the world needs more businesses like theirs. Wish they were local!

    • That’s a good point! Even though I know there are more expensive places to live than Chicago (NYC comes to mind) sometimes when looking at the monthly bills it’s hard not to fantasize about living somewhere with a lower cost of living. It was pretty nice to catch a break this time! :)

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