Saint Patrick’s Day Inspiration: Six Cute Shamrock Craft Ideas

With Saint Patty’s day fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some craft and decorating ideas for the holiday — and thanks to Pinterest, that ever-addictive curator of eye candy, good examples are easy to find. So without further ado, here are six cute and clever shamrock-based craft ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day:

#1 – Paper Shamrock Garland

This first shamrock garland was made by cutting shamrock shapes out of green and white cardstock and then stringing them on a long piece of ribbon:

A simple handcrafted shamrock garland. Image from here.

It has a clean, simple aesthetic that would probably fit in well with any decorating style, and even though there isn’t a tutorial available for it, it seems like the sort of thing that could be pretty easy to DIY. (Or, you could save time and just order one from the Etsy listing.)

#2 – Saint Patrick’s Day Book Banner

This next banner is a little more complex-looking, using repurposed pages from an old book along with some buttons for decoration:

A shamrock banner made using book pages. Detailed tutorial available here.

The creator of this banner writes a blog titled “Simple As That,” and describes this as really simple to make — check out the tutorial for a detailed guide and a link to the shamrock template she used for it.

#3 – Paper Shamrock Garland

This last Saint Patrick’s Day garland is probably the most complex-looking one I’ve found anywhere on the internet, and I think it’s quite lovely:

An intricate handmade shamrock garland. Available on Etsy here.

Since it’s another Etsy item, there’s no tutorial available for making one like it, but it might get your creative juices flowing to see the kinds of complex things that can be made using nothing but paper. Check out the artist’s Etsy store to see a lot more nifty handmade paper creations.

#4 – Simple Paper Shamrocks

This next paper shamrock might look pretty simple compared to that last one, but it’s probably more doable for us busy average folks, involving just a series of folds and staples:

A simple but clever paper shamrock. Tutorial available here.

This one comes from a blog called “The Crafting Chicks,” and the author describes how it was made by a 12-year-old — to read that story and find the instructions for making a string of these paper shamrocks, check out her blog post here.

#5 – Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Shamrocks

I thought this next one was pretty clever. It’s just toilet paper rolls cut and pinched in a certain way, and then glued together, forming shamrock shapes:

Shamrocks made from toilet paper rolls. Tutorial available here.

The tutorial comes from a blog titled “Childmade: An Idea Place” and has detailed step-by-step instructions for transforming your old toilet paper rolls into something fun and festive, along with plenty of photos, and even some examples of what they look like painted green. Check out the whole thing here.

#6 – Shamrock Ribbon

And finally, here are these sweet and simple shamrock ribbons, which can be worn as a pin on your clothing, or just stuck to a bulletin board for decoration purposes:

A simple shamrock made from ribbon. Tutorial available here.

It actually comes from the same place as the toilet paper roll project — there seem to be lots of cute ideas on that site — and the tutorial has all the details on how to fold and glue the ribbon to get it to stay in that shamrock shape. You can check it out here.

The Pinterest Challenge?

On a semi-related topic, I’ve recently become aware of this thing called “The Pinterest challenge,” where a bunch of craft / home / lifestyle bloggers challenge each other to actually make something inspired by Pinterest instead of just pinning and wasting time and whatnot — more info on the challenge can be found here, here, here, or here. I thought it would be pretty fun to join in and make some kind of Saint Patty’s Day craft between now and Wednesday, when the challenge ends.

So with that being said, what general kind of project do you think I should try to make? A banner for the living room? Paper shamrocks to decorate the house? Some kind of shamrock ribbon headband for Lillian? Cast your votes in the comments, and feel free to share any cute or inspiring ideas as well!

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