The Five Month Baby Update

As of this past Saturday, Lillian is officially five months old! I kind of skipped making a four-month update — instead, there were the milestone posts about playing with toys and introducing solid foods — so today, I bring you this full and proper baby update. To start it off, here is the next installment of her photo series with the stuffed bunny:

Lillian's springtime-themed baby photo.

Technically this photo was taken at 4.5 months, and unlike the previous photos in the series which were kind of random, I deliberately went for a springtimey theme with this one. (All of them so far can be seen here.) The green backdrop is the back of another baby quilt, and this time she’s wearing a skirt-ish outfit instead of a simple onesie. I really like the way this one turned out, although I think that has more to do with her overwhelming smiling cuteness than anything I did taking the photo, haha.

In other news, there’s one thing that’s kind of a big deal, and that I don’t think I’ve talked about too much on this blog yet: Lillian is sleeping through the night. And by that, I mean all the way through — she goes down at 8:00 at night, and wakes up around 7:00 in the morning, with nary a peep in between.

This actually started somewhere around the three-month mark. She’s been a good sleeper from the start, as I mentioned in this post from way back when, but like all newborns she’d have to wake up to eat every few hours in the beginning. As time went by, it condensed into just one feeding in the middle of the night, and that one feeding occurred later and later until, to our happy surprise, she stopped needing it at all.

Getting a full eight hours of glorious uninterrupted sleep every single night is a lot more than I thought we could’ve hoped for at this stage, even if we do usually squander some of it by staying up until midnight or later. This impossibly good night sleeping probably won’t continue once she starts teething, though — I hear that that makes babies all cranky and restless.

But for now, she’s very content. She doesn’t even cry when she finally wakes up in the mornings; we just go into her room to find her awake and wiggling around, and when she sees you, she gives you this huge smile than just melts your heart.

She still takes naps during the day, although not many or for very long — it’s usually one in the morning for an hour or so, and another slightly longer one in the afternoon. The rest of the time she’s awake and alert, fiddling with her toys, babbling, and making airplane noises.

A baby girl fallen asleep in a playpen, surrounded by toys.

It's hard work being a baby.

One other big development, which just started in the past week or so, is her ability to push herself up into a semi-crawling position. (For the longest time, she seemed to regard tummy time as a good opportunity to put her head down and take a nap.) I actually made a video of this phenomenon, which I’ll try to include below, although the Vimeo link is here in case it doesn’t work:

This video was taken at my aunts’ house, and at one point Aunt Jan gets down on the floor to try to help Lily make a crawling motion with her legs. I didn’t think it was working at first — she kind of just flops over onto the soft monkey-patterned padding — but by the end it looks almost like she’s trying to repeat the motion on her own. I bet she’ll be crawling outright any day now!

Anyway, that about concludes the five-month baby update. And in other news, the electrical work is under way this week to fix those major problems I wrote about, so stay tuned for various exciting bloggings about choosing an electrician, replacing some of the light fixtures, how badly our walls are getting ripped open in the process, and so forth.


  1. Wow! She is getting so big! What a beautiful little girl! It won’t be long at all until she’ll be crawling all over the place. I hope Grendel is prepared! ;)

    I remember the first night Hayley slept all the way through. The uninterrupted sleep was nice, but when I opened my eyes that morning and saw daylight, I did jump up and run in there to make sure she was okay! You two have been really blessed to have such a good-natured baby. Maybe the teething won’t be too bad.

    Thank you so much for the pics and video. I’ll make sure PawPaw sees them when he gets up. He will be so tickled! Love you all!

  2. Hehe, I know what you mean — the first few nights she didn’t need that overnight feeding, there was definitely an element of “oh my gosh is she okay?” when we woke up, so I guess even with an easy sleepy baby it’s hard not to worry. I really hope you’re right about the teething! :)

  3. What a joy to see her growing and developing her own little personality! And I’m so thankful for the loving family that encourages and supports!

    (Also amazed by that shrinking bunny!)

  4. She will definitely be crawling soon! And I am pretty sure the earliest any of mine crawled was Rachel at 6 months. Geoffrey I am a little fuzzy on, since he had baby-sitting from 4 months on, as I was in school full time. Joe I told you about, he didn’t crawl until nearly 11 months old, but walked 3 weeks after his first crawl. Keep making videos, they are the next best thing to being there!

  5. Lilly is so smiley and gorgeous! I am glad she is being easy on you two what with the allowance of sleep and all. My cats dont even do that! (Sidenote – Dax is incredibly lucky I love her or she would make an amazing stole.)

    Let us know if there is anything Max and I can do. We miss you.

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