Three Months Old

Well, today is Lily’s three-month birthday! I feel like I say this in every baby-related post, but it’s hard to believe how time flies, and how quickly babies grow and change. She’s definitely not a newborn anymore.

Today, I took the third photo for her stuffed bunny series, this time on another one of the lovely handmade baby blankets she received as a gift:

Lillian's three-month baby photo.

Isn’t it crazy how that stuffed bunny used to be almost as big as her? (To see all of the pics in a row for easy comparison, check out this page.)

And in addition to growing physically, she’s been growing in other ways. By now, she can sit up pretty well on her own as long as she has a little support, and seems to really like being more upright so she can look around. And she smiles all the time, and babbles and coos like she just can’t wait to have a conversation with us.

Wearing a blue and purple ruffled outfit.

Also, remember that outfit? It’s actually the one she wore home from the hospital — the one that was way, way too big for her then, except she fills it out pretty well now. (To see how ridiculously huge it was on her in the beginning, check out the photo at the end of the post about her delivery.)

And just to round out this post, here’s one more baby photo of Lily modeling the cute little handmade baby bonnet she received as a gift from her great-grandmama:

Lily sporting the latest and greatest in baby headgear.

It’s probably a good thing we got a picture now, because I have a feeling she’s going to grow out of it at any minute!


  1. Wow! Look how beautiful she is! That smile is so precious! They do grow so fast. It won’t be too much longer until she starts crawling and chasing Grendel around. Thank you so much for this blog! It means so much to us to be able to see Lily as she grows. Love you all!

  2. That bunny is actually beginning to look small! But the most amazing is the before and after in the ruffled outfit! You forget how fast they grow. Lily is just adorable — healthy and happy! Good Job!

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