Four Generations at Christmas

Over the past few days, we’ve been busy finally introducing Lillian to Joe’s side of the family down here in Pensacola Florida. Details about the trip, and the intricacies of traveling with a baby, will likely be fodder for a future blog post — for now, I just wanted to make this quick update with some very special photos we took today.

Some background: I lost the last of my grandparents when my mom’s mom passed away in 2007. And while my grandparents all lived long full lives, none of them stayed around quite long enough to see any great-grandbabies, of which Lillian would have been the first. Joe, on the other hand, is lucky enough to still have both his maternal and paternal grandmothers, and so we wanted to remember to fit in some four-generation photo shoots with the newest addition to the family.

We went to two gatherings for Christmas today. At the first one, with Joe’s mom’s side of the family, we managed to get this lovely shot of the four generations illuminated with natural light from the window:

Lillian with her father (left), grandmother (top center), and great-grandmother (right).

The second one, with Joe’s dad’s side of the family, was later in the day. It was well after dark by the time we attempted the four generations shot, but I think we still managed to get a pretty good one in front of the Christmas tree:

Lillian with her father (center), grandfather (right), and great-grandmother (left).

It’s kind of funny — we turned on the overhead light and fan to try to illuminate the room better for the picture, and Lily kept grinning up at it like it was the most hilarious thing in the world:

Lillian smiling up at the light fixture.

It must be amazing to see the world through the eyes of a baby.

Anyway, it’s been a wonderful Christmas, and I can hardly describe how much I cherish these times of holiday cheer and togetherness with family — all the more so since we see them so rarely due to living hundreds of miles apart.

Interesting footnote: I did a quick Google Image search out of curiosity just now, and I thought it was incredible to find examples of photos like this spanning five generations and even six generations. What’s the most your family has managed to fit into a single photo? Feel free to share any interesting stories or images in the comments, and I hope everyone reading has had a happy Christmas!


  1. The pictures turned out wonderful! They will certainly be cherished over the years to come. We only managed three generations in pics of my family, so four is quite an accomplishment! Christmas has been wonderful! We are all extremely happy that you all were able to make it down. Holding Lillian has been such a great pleasure. I must say how refreshing it has been to see you and Joe sharing the responsibility of caring for Lillian so equally! Many men would not be as helpful. Lillian is a blessed little girl indeed. Love you!

  2. We managed some 4 gen pix on both sides of Joe’s family. I am pretty sure we got one with Joe as a baby, his dad, Bill’s dad and Bill’s paternal grandma. On my side, we have pix with both my mom’s parents and Joe, as well as me and mom. My grandfather lived long enough to see all 3 of my kids, though I don’t know if Geoff remembers him. I actually have a photo of my great grandmother, dad’s mother and step-dad, mom and dad, and me as a baby.

  3. The pictures are wonderful, Sarah!

    As for generational pictures, somewhere we have one of Dad’s family, which is five generations . . . Grandma Morrison, Dad, your Mom and you when you were a babe (I’ll try to find it).

  4. Those old pictures are treasures! it’s so wonderful to bring back the memories of days gone by, and to scan the faces for a resemblance. Although it’s a little like those flip books: the nose of one, the eyes of another. Or as my Mom would say, “They can look like one, and act like another!”

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