Eight Weeks

Lillian is exactly eight weeks old today, and it’s hard to believe how much she’s grown and changed already. She’s completely outgrown her newborn-sized onesies, and she can already fill out three-month sized clothes — probably a sign that she’s going to be tall like her mommy and daddy.

She had her two-month well baby checkup this past Thursday afternoon, and we learned that she’s grown to a hearty 12 lbs 4 oz. It was definitely a relief to know she’s been packing on the pounds after the minor scare we had with her losing weight in the few days after she was born. And the pediatrician actually used the word “perfect” while giving her her head-to-toe exam — she’s meeting her developmental milestones fine, and there’s not a mark or rash anywhere on her body. Exactly what every nervous first-time parent wants to hear.

And now for some cute baby photos! Including a few that came perilously close to being lost in the great hard drive crash of 2011. First up is the second photo in her stuffed bunny series:

Eight week baby photo with stuffed bunny.

This time she’s on the butterfly baby quilt made by her grandma, aka my mom. It’s crazy that you can already see how much she’s grown from the first one — for easy comparison, I’ve created this special page to post all of the photos one after another.

And as you can see in the bunny photo, she’s definitely smiling a lot more now, which has a way of melting your brain and leaving you babbling incoherently in baby-talk. For some reason I’ve had a hard time getting any non-blurry closeups of her smiling face, but this one came pretty close:

Closeup of Lily's smiling face.

I’ve also discovered the joys of babywearing. Back when I was still pregnant, Joe’s grandmama sent us a colorful handmade sling, and I can’t even tell you how awesome this thing is. It supports the baby’s weight in such a way that you can carry them around for hours without feeling sore or fatigued.

Christmas shopping with Lillian in a sling.

We don’t have a stroller yet, and so far, I honestly haven’t felt like we need one. Although maybe it’ll become a necessity as she gets older and heavier.

And as a change of pace, I wanted to include a video, except that I’m pretty inexperienced with video compared to my massive digital photography obsession. I couldn’t even figure out how to embed it in this post. I’m sure I’ll get that working at some point, but for now, here’s a Vimeo link. (It’s just 54 seconds of Lily wiggling around and cooing and such.)

It’s sort of sad, I took a digital video class back in 2005 or so, but haven’t done hardly anything with video since then. It would be nice to get back into it — I’d love to create some “home movies” to look back on. I suppose shooting some grainy, shaky footage with my 3-year-old point and shoot digital camera is at least a start, though.

Anyway, these past eight weeks have really flown by — and I can hardly wait to take Lily down to Florida to meet her daddy’s side of the family for the first time. She’s growing up way too fast!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! What an adorable video!!! It makes me even more excited to see her, even with the spitting up at the end!! LOL She has the most adorable smile, too, just like her mommy’s. I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks already, either. She is getting so big! It’s great to hear that she’s doing so well. We just can’t wait until you all get here. Love you!!

  2. Love the video! Makes baby Lillian seem so much an individual! And I think she’s trying to put her two cents worth in to whomever Joe was talking to in the background.

    She’s really growing, too. I think she looks a little like Maureen in the photo with the bunny (and cool quilt, Nana)!

    The Bankson family bassinet and the Hart family crib are ready for Lillian’s visit!

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