Baby Photos in the Antique Family Bassinet

Lillian’s great-grandmama has this bassinet that’s been in the family for generations. It’s been painted and re-painted, broken and repaired, and so many babies have slept in the thing that I’m pretty sure everyone’s lost count of exactly how many it’s been. When we came down for our Christmas visit, it was all polished up and decked out in pretty pink ribbon:

The antique family bassinet.

Naturally, we had to get at least one photo of Lily in this heirloom bassinet that had been enjoyed by so many of her cousins and ancestors, so we put her inside to take some pictures. She seemed to enjoy it, and spent the whole time grinning and kicking:

Lillian in the bassinet.

Although as you can see from the above photo, she’s almost grown out of it already: at two months, she can already just about stretch from one end to the other. I guess the bassinet was really meant for teeny tiny newborns instead of rapidly-growing twelve-pounders.

The lighting was just perfect for taking pictures, so here’s one more closeup of her in the bassinet just for fun:

Closeup of Lillian in the bassinet.

Funny story: just before our wedding, Joe and I stayed in the guest room at Grandmama’s house, and this bassinet was in there for storage reasons — she assured us that it wasn’t supposed to be a hint or anything. And now, a little over a year later, we’re taking pictures of our baby daughter in that same bassinet. Gotta love when things come full circle like that.

Anyway, since I’m posting this just a few hours before midnight on December 31st, I figure I should wish everyone a happy new year! 2011 has been so exciting and eventful for us, and I’ve had a blast blogging about everything that’s been going on. Here’s hoping that 2012 will be just as great, not just for our little family but for everyone reading!


  1. Aww!! She is such a precious baby! It has been an absolute joy getting to meet her and hold her. I also enjoyed getting to feed her! She looks so precious in the bassinet. Thank you for coming and being with us. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say that meeting Lillian really made this holiday complete! We love you!

  2. Wow! The power of an old bassinet! It was a thrill seeing Lily enjoying it so much! I think I’ve figured out that Lily is the 12th baby to get some use out of it!

    We all are so appreciative of Sarah and Joe making the trip down. Happy New Year to all!

  3. I taught Joseph in the gifted program at McArthur Elem. I am so happy for him and great grandma Martha who was my principal. The baby is beautiful and I wish happiness for all concerned.

  4. I plan to take photos of my grandson in our family antique bassinet and googled “bassinet and baby photos” with the thought of getting some ideas for poses. I was led to your posting and was more than surprised to see the exact same bassinet that we have. Our bassinet was purchased by my husband’s grandmother over 78 years ago for her first grandchild. It too, has been repainted, repaired, and has held many, many Borelli descendants through the years. In a few days, my grandson will have his picture taken in the newly repainted family bassinet.

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