Reflections on Baby’s Personality

One thing I’d worried about a little, before Lillian was born, was that life with a newborn would be completely overwhelming. Especially after such an easy pregnancy and easy delivery, I would have thought all the good luck got used up already, and we’d find ourselves up all night every night with a screaming colicky infant.

But wow, Lillian is such a sweet, relaxed, mellow baby. She loves to sleep — in her crib, in her car seat, in your arms, it doesn’t matter. In the beginning, we even had to wake her up for feedings instead of vice versa, setting an alarm every three hours during the night just to make sure she was getting enough to eat.

Sleeping like a cuddly little doll.

She’s such a champion sleeper that she can’t be deterred from napping by such trivialities as a door slamming or an object clattering to the floor. She even seems to have a 4-step protocol for responding to those kinds of loud sudden noises:

  1. Jerk awake, sprawl arms and legs out in shock.
  2. Slowly relax body.
  3. Frown, make angry grunting noise.
  4. Go back to sleep.

We can load her up in the car seat to run errands, or go shopping, and she’ll sleep right through that as well. Although sometimes she’ll go from normal sleeping to angry sleeping, making this little frowny face as she dozes away.

The best shot I've managed to get of Lillian in "angry sleeping" mode.

Not that she sleeps all the time, though. She has these periods of quiet alertness where she’s awake and calm, gazing around with her big blue eyes.

Wide awake in the frilly hat she wore to Thanksgiving.

During these awake periods, Joe and I try to talk to her or read to her. We’ve gotten a handful of children’s books now, but in the beginning, the reading was mostly just news articles about Mitt Romney and Ron Paul and whoever else was making headlines.

Lillian didn’t seem to mind, though. At this age, she probably just likes being held and hearing her parents’ voices. Although it’s also possible that we’re in the process of raising the most politically-opinionated baby ever. For example, one memorable incident went as follows:

Me: [reading] Ron Paul is probably not going to be president any time soon–

Lillian: [completely out of the blue] WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Joe: Oh no! We’re raising a libertarian!

Anyway, here at the 1-month mark, she’s already grown and changed a lot since coming home from the hospital. Her umbilical cord stump fell off a week or so back, revealing a perfect little baby belly button, and the newborn-sized outfits are starting to look pretty snug on her already. She’s also getting to the point where she can almost hold her head up on her own, and everyone who holds her seems surprised at how strong she is.

The journey so far has been pretty amazing, and it’s crazy to think that we’re still only at the beginning. There are so many milestones to look forward to — laughing, crawling, walking, talking — but since I’ve heard that time seems to accelerate like mad once you have a child, I’m going to try my hardest to cherish these baby days while they last.


  1. Wow! I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE this blog, and I am so thankful for it. It gives all of us a chance to “virtually” be there and get to know Lily even though we can’t physically be there. She is a gorgeous little girl!! I just want to squeeze her (but not too hard)!! And of course she is going to be politically opinionated! Look at her father and grandfather!!!

    You are so blessed to have such a sweet little angel. I love that hat!! She is just so precious! Love you all.

  2. Oh my, she IS Joe’s daughter – not just the political bit, but that “quiet observer” bit too. I was saying to Rachel and Geoffrey at Thanksgiving that even though they all looked very similar, their personalities were so different. Given a puzzle box, Joe would look at it from every angle, then pick it up and solve it. Rachel would smash it open to get inside it. And Geoffrey would get bits off other toys, solve the puzzle, then add the bits and turn it into something else.

  3. Hehe, that’s really cute about the different approaches to solving the puzzle! It’s amazing how much personality babies can have before even being able to talk…

  4. Oh, I just have to tell you that the pic if Lily in the frilly hat just got a place on my desktop at work. That is such an adorable pic!

  5. These are such adorable pictures! What else, they’re of an adorable baby! But kudos to the photographer as well, Sarah you take really good pictures! Love you all!

  6. Thanks, I’m really glad you guys are enjoying the photos! My camera’s actually been acting up a bit lately, so I hope it’ll be able to keep up with my baby-related shutterbuggery until a repair or replacement is in the budget. :)

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