Autumn Gardening

Right around the time Lillian was born, the autumn colors came out in full force here in Chicago, with beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves everywhere you look. And since this is our first autumn in the new house, it was fun to learn that the tree out front turns a lovely shade of gold in the fall:

Our house with autumn leaves out front.

The weekend before last, my aunts came over to visit with Lillian, and since fall is tulip planting season, they decided to bring over a bunch of bulbs to plant in front of our house.

The landscaping situation in our front yard is yet another thing we haven’t had much time to work on this summer, for all the obvious baby-preparation-related reasons, and it actually looks about the same now as it did back when we first moved in:

The bushes in front of our house, fall edition.

While we’d eventually like to do some proper landscaping in this area, with mulch and probably some paver stones to border it, for now the tulip bulbs just went in between the bushes, leaving everything else as-is. They’ve been buried a full six inches underground, which seems to be the recommendation from tulip-planting articles like this one.

And since we have a lot of squirrels in this neighborhood, it seemed like a good idea to disguise the newly-dug-up soil with some fallen leaves so the critters wouldn’t dig up and eat our new tulip bulbs:

Tulip bulbs, buried deep and disguised with leaves.

Those pesky squirrels will never suspect a thing, right?

Anyway, in addition to the tulips, we also planted some hyacinth bulbs, which should make for some lovely and fragrant blossoms in the early spring. I can hardly wait to see them grow, though unfortunately we still have a long, long Chicago winter ahead of us. Le sigh.

Has anyone else been out gardening at this time of year? Any ambitious landscaping plans for when spring rolls around?


  1. Most of my “gardening” consists of whacking or pulling baby oaks that OUR squirrels plant in unfortunate locations. Maybe when I retire . . . and maybe move to a zone with more seasons than “hot, hot, hot FREEZE, hot, humiddddd”. I love those fall colors, looks like even the bushes had a golden tint. And all those bulbs will be blooming just in time for Lillian’s first Easter egg hunt!

  2. I can manage the weather if I had any soil to work with! Not much grows in sand, except weeds! I have a new mini-greenhouse to put together (volunteers?) so I can carry over my potted perennials. On the bright side, my camellias are full of buds!

    Don’t know if Joe remembers, but my Mom had lovely tulips in her yard in Birmingham.

    Your spring tulips and hyacinths will be beautiful!

  3. Yes, I agree. The flowers will be gorgeous!! Tulips are actually my favorite flower. I love seeing those fall colors! They are lovely.

    Actually, your father-in-law and I are planning to dress up our place this spring. We cleared out the back yard over this past spring and summer, and we want to have a garden back there and plant flowers around the front of the house. I’m really excited to get started! We actually enjoy doing those kinds of things together.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see pics of your tulips. Love you all!!

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