No More Ice Cream?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my weight gain during this pregnancy has been… a bit above the recommended amount. While there are probably a number of factors that have contributed to that — including the fact that I had no morning sickness whatsoever during the first trimester — I can’t really deny that my attitude has been a part of it.

The following is a rough illustration of how I’ve approached nutrition throughout the pregnancy:

  • 1st Trimester – “I should snack on some nice vegetables. Gotta stay healthy!”
  • 2nd Trimester – “Meh, it’s not really that important, I’ll just eat whatever.”

Yes, unfortunately in recent weeks my weakness has been ice cream, the richest, fattiest, unhealthiest substance known to mankind. The specific variety is usually something along the following lines:

Tub of Breyer's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.

So yeah… not just any plain old ice cream, but chocolate fudge ice cream with chunks of brownie in it. Quite possibly the most decadent variety of ice cream ever.

…Or is it? I was looking at the packaging the other day and noticed something interesting:

"Frozen Dairy Dessert."

Apparently it’s so full of creative non-traditional ingredients that they can’t even legally call it “ice cream” anymore. It’s a frozen dairy dessert. (There’s an article here that explains some of the FDA requirements needed for a product to actually be called ice cream — who knew?)

On the plus side, at least I can truthfully say that I didn’t polish off that entire tub of Breyer’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, because apparently there’s no such thing. (Yay for denial and contrived self-serving logic!)


  1. Forget the fact it’s not called ice cream; I am boggling over the phrase “Serving Suggestion: 1.5 QUART”?! Surely they don’t mean that’s how much one person should eat at a time? If you are looking for a better alternative, btw, see if you can find Edy’s Frozen Yogurt, it comes in several yummy flavors, and the ones that say “live acidophilus” on them are supposed to be better for you than ice cream or even regular frozen yogurt.

  2. Yes, the words are placed in a very interesting way on that label, aren’t they?? LOL Frozen yogurt is a good alternative, although I would see if there is a lowfat version. Your father-in-law and I have discovered that fat is our enemy, so we try to avoid it as much as we can. Luckily for you, though, it’s okay to treat yourself right now, so enjoy. As young as you are, I’m sure any extra weight will be gone in a jiffy, especially if you breast feed. Love you all!!

  3. I love the “Touch my ice cream and I’ll bite your arms off.” That was my attitude except it was green grapes instead of ice cream.

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