Guess Baby’s Birthday!

Now that Baby Hart is technically full term, I’ve been thinking a lot about what her actual birthdate will be. There’s a pretty wide range of possibilities, including some notable dates and holidays, so I thought it would be fun to make a little calendar to break it all down:

A calendar showing all the possibilities for Baby Hart's birthday. (Probably.)

It starts today, and it goes to November 12th, which is a bit over a week past baby’s due date. (At my last appointment, the doctor explained that they’d prefer to induce labor by the early 41 week mark if the pregnancy goes that far, so it seems unlikely that she’ll be born after that date.)

Anyway, I included various little icons and illustrations on the calendar to indicate the following dates:

  • October 22 – The baby shower. Looking at this calendar makes it feel like we’re cutting it pretty close with that, but hopefully she’ll wait to arrive until afterwards.
  • October 28 – My last day of work before going on maternity leave. This one is intentionally close to the due date since I wanted to keep working for as long as possible, though obviously plans will change if baby decides to come earlier.
  • October 31 – Halloween! As far as holiday birthdays go, at least it’s not as bad as Christmas, what with the always getting cheated out of presents thing. Although there’s an interesting article here about how birth rates decrease significantly on Halloween because apparently women don’t want to give birth on a day associated with horror and death.
  • November 3 – The official due date. I’ve heard that only about 5% of babies are actually born on their due dates, so it would be interesting if she turned out to be among the punctual few.
  • November 5 – Guy Fawkes day. Technically more of a British thing I guess, but the “Remember remember the fifth of November” rhyme is pretty catchy.
  • November 2-8 – Potential election days in the United States. Relevant because Joe’s job tends to require him to work ridiculous hours leading up to elections and on the election days themselves. Not an issue this year since there’s not much going on, but it could have implications for future birthdays.
  • November 11 – Notable only because it would make her birthdate 11/11/11. Which would be pretty cool.

So let’s play the “Guess Baby’s Birthday” game! To enter, just leave a comment with your guess, and feel free to include any details on why you chose it and/or why it would be a neat birthdate. Unfortunately there’s no actual prize for guessing correctly, but the winner(s) will get recognition and bragging rights and so forth. Guess away!

Update: The game is officially over! It turns out the correct answer was October 24. Thanks to everyone who made a guess, and feel free to check out the full story of Baby Hart’s arrival.


  1. Hm-m-m-

    Minnie Pearl was born on October 25, Hillary Rodham Clinton on the 26th.

    Marie Antoinette’s birthday was on the 2nd of November. And Daniel Boone, too.

    Vivian Leigh was born on November 5.

    I’ve read that statistically, first babies come at 40 weeks and 5 days. Of course that’s the average, so —

    I’m just going to say November 3!

  2. Well, because I definitely don’t want little Ms. Hart to come late for your sake, I will go with November 1st. Why? Just because it is NOT Halloween!! lol I’m afraid the teenage years with a Halloween child may be too scary (especially since she will be a teenage daughter)!!! Those are scary on their own! They need no help!! Trust me. I know what I’m talking about!! Love you all!!

  3. Ah, my Celt is coming out, Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE holiday, the time when the “veil” between worlds is thin and anything is possible! Plus you have an excuse to eat candy (cue Garfield)! Ask my kids about the Halloween “mama tax” on chocolate, LOL. So my vote is for October 31st, and we can call her “Punkin”!

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