38 Weeks: The Final Stretch

Even though there are still technically two weeks until Baby Hart’s due date, we’ve been bracing ourselves for the possibility that the pregnancy won’t get that far. In addition to the fact that baby is measuring larger than many do at 40 weeks, there have also been some signs that my body is gearing up for labor. Possible TMI warning here: anyone who might be bothered by technical childbirth-related stuff should probably skip this blog post.

Still here? Okay, moving forward… My last doctor’s appointment revealed that my cervix is already two centimeters dilated, which is apparently a sign that something’s been happening. Save for two or three scattered twinges, I haven’t noticed any contractions at all (though I hear Braxton-Hicks are fairly common at this stage) and considering that babies are ready to be born at 10 centimeters, I was a little surprised to be a fifth of the way there already. Granted, according to this article it isn’t uncommon for the cervix to be up to 2 centimeters dilated in the weeks prior to labor, so this isn’t necessarily a guarantee that anything’s going to get started soon.

Even so, it seemed like a wise idea to make yesterday my last official day at work instead of waiting until next Friday to start maternity leave — my boss and coworkers seemed pretty keen on not pushing the possibility that I’d go into labor right there in the office. And considering that I’ve been feeling increasingly fatigued lately, and that I can continue to do some work from home over any remaining days until baby’s arrival, it seems like a win-win solution for everyone.

Speaking of work, my coworkers put together a little surprise baby shower on Wednesday with pizza and an adorable pink “it’s a girl” cake-and-cupcake assortment, which was delicious. (There was some joking that more employees should start having babies so there’d be an excuse to indulge in those kinds of sweets more often.) And I also got a goodie bag containing some adorable pink baby outfits:

Adorable pink baby clothes laid out in the crib, with baby bump in the foreground.

In other news, my next doctor’s appointment is on Monday, and even though they’ve said that they wouldn’t induce labor unless there’s a medical need (as discussed in my measuring ultrasound post), they are open to stripping my membranes and seeing if that will get labor going spontaneously. There’s an article about that process here — unlike a full-blown induction with pitocin, which can sometimes fail resulting in an unplanned c-section, there isn’t much risk to stripping the membranes: either it will work and trigger labor, or nothing will happen and you’re back where you started. So it’ll be interesting see what happens with that, if anything.

In the meantime, we’ll be scrambling to put the finishing touches on the nursery and get the house in order and such. Gotta prepare everything as much as possible, since either way Baby Hart will be here before we know it!


  1. Awesome!!!! Little Ms. Hart might be arriving soon!! We’re so excited!! And not to worry. I’m sure everything will go fine, even if they do induce. Amy was induced, and I had no problems. Awesome about the shower!! Let us know when you do go into labor. Love you!

  2. Sounds like you have some great co-workers. Cute outfits! Dilating already MAY mean an earlier birth than predicted, but considering her size, not necessarily. Just remember, you are WAY more prepared and near lots more trained help than any of us old ladies were. But our babies turned out fine (well, unless Joe’s weird humor and laugh are birth defects, LOL), so yours will too! {{{{hugs}}}}

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