Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

One year ago today, Joe and I got married at an outdoor ceremony in Florida, held in Joe’s Grandmama’s gorgeous waterfront backyard. In some ways it’s hard to believe that an entire year has gone by already, and yet so much has happened since the wedding that it seems like it might as well have been a lifetime ago.

Me and Joe at our wedding, September 25, 2010.

So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post with a few of the highlights from our first year of marriage, complete with exciting never-before-seen pictures.

First off, the time immediately after the wedding was pretty chaotic. October involved a health scare that landed my dad in the hospital — twice — and Joe and I spent many an evening visiting him there and trying to help out in any way we could. It was a stressful and worrying couple of weeks, but thankfully Dad’s fine now.

In November I started a new job, which was a pretty big step forward for my career and which I’m still working now. For the first time I had to ride the train to a highrise downtown every day — a huge difference from driving out to my previous small office in the suburbs — and since we were both taking the same train now, on many mornings Joe and I would ride to work together.

In December, we returned to Florida to spend Christmas with Joe’s family, which has become a bit of an annual tradition for us. It was wonderful seeing everyone again, and as an added bonus we got to go on a family outing to see the huge Christmas lights display at Bellingrath Gardens:

A few of the photos I took of the Christmas lights at Bellingrath Gardens.
Lots more in my Flickr photoset here.

At the beginning of February, nearly two feet of snow got dumped on Chicago in what was the third biggest blizzard in the city’s recorded history. Work was cancelled for both Joe and me, and we spent all day outside shoveling with our neighbors on the south side. (It’s interesting how snow days are a lot less fun when you’re an adult with responsibilities and a car to unbury and stuff.)

Left: Joe on the sidewalk, up to his knees in snow.
Right: me standing by our snowdrifted car and looking a little too happy about it.

Later that month, around Valentine’s day, we revisited the cafe where we had our first date, which we realized we hadn’t been back to since then. That same day we also went on an outing to the Field Museum, where we tried to recreate a cameraphone picture we’d taken of us with Sue the T-Rex back when we were dating:

Posing with Sue in February 2008 (left) and February 2011 (right).

Shortly after that came the news that we were going to be parents, and that inspired us to start looking for a place of our own — but I’ve already discussed both of those things plenty on this blog so far. (My post about the early stages of the pregnancy is here, and a summary of our house-hunting experience can be found here.)

Me and Joe after closing on our first home, June 23, 2011.

But even with all the chaos of impending parenthood and homeownership, we somehow had the opportunity to travel to California twice. The first time, in March, was by Prius — no doubt one of the longest, craziest, most enjoyable road trips I’ve ever been on. The second time was in August, by plane, which I’ve mentioned briefly in this blog post.

Me and Joe by the Golden Gate bridge, March 2011.

At this point, I’m noticing that it’s pretty difficult to condense an entire year into a single blog post, and there’s no doubt plenty that I’ve left out. But all in all it’s been an incredibly eventful first year of marriage.

Today, we celebrated our anniversary in a pretty low-key way: by getting noodles for lunch, going on a nice scenic drive, catching up on some grocery shopping, and coming home to fry up some yummy steaks. Before we left, we snapped this photo of us in the nursery:

Me and Joe in the nursery on our 1st wedding anniversary.

So that’s the first chapter of this crazy adventure that is marriage. And it’s almost hard to imagine what anniversary number two will look like: by then we’ll have a nearly one-year-old daughter, and who knows what else will have changed? But whatever lies ahead, I’m sure it’ll be an amazing journey.


  1. *bangs head for not remembering your anniversary*

    This was such a cool blog entry! I think you had a nice synopsis of photos, and especially liked the snow-day one (you 2 look like an ad for LL Bean or Land’s End), and the T-Rex repose (if you look back and forth it makes T-Rex look like she moved)! I really enjoy this blog, and am thinking what a cool record you can hand your daughter when she’s older. Add a flash drive to that scrapbook with the first tooth and lock of hair!

  2. Awww!! Happy belated anniversary!!! I love the photos! My favorite one is of you and Joe in the nursery. And wasn’t that trip to Bellingrath fun? I think I see Geoffrey and Amy in the pic on the right. I can’t wait to see all three of you in December!!! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful time in your lives! Much love to you both!!!

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