Assembling the Crib

After bringing the damaged crib back to Target last weekend, we wanted to try to get a replacement crib as soon as possible. We weren’t too interested in ordering another one of the same model from after the hassle we’d dealt with — and frankly, we’d lost quite a bit of confidence in the idea of ordering large furniture items online in general — so we decided to try to find one we could go pick up from a physical store while we still had my Dad’s van.

And that’s how we ended up back at Babies R Us looking at the same Delta Venetian Lifetime crib that we’d contemplated getting before we switched and ordered the one from Target. It turned out that they had it in stock, so we bought it, loaded it into the van, and took it home that same day. Compared to our last crib-getting attempt, the condition of the outside of the box seemed to be a good sign:

The perfectly undamaged crib box sitting in the nursery.

We joked about what we would do (go crazy?) if we opened it up and it turned out to be all smashed inside, but when we finally got around to unpacking it later in the week, we found that it had been well-packed in styrofoam and all the pieces were in good condition.

The crib components prior to assembly.

Assembling it turned out to be very easy: the instruction booklet was clear and straightforward, and all of the bolts required the same Allen wrench, which conveniently came included in the box. There were a few places where it was a little awkward to maneuver the little tool, but all of the bolts went in easily for a sturdy, secure fit.

A closeup of one of the bolts and the included Allen wrench.

All together, assembling the crib took around an hour. When it was finished, we put in the crib mattress, fitted it with a pale green crib sheet that we’d picked up a week or two before, and voila:

The finished crib!

I know it still looks pretty bare, and there’s still plenty of work to be done on the nursery considering that this is the only piece of furniture in there right now. But it’s progress, and with just over eight weeks to go, I’m really glad to at least have the crib set up. Now it’s just a matter of finishing up the zillion other little things in time for Baby Hart’s arrival!


  1. The crib looks terrific! Now that you have the most important piece of furniture ready to go in the nursery, getting the other things will be a snap. You know where the van is whenever you need it!

  2. Aww! I have to show Aunt Amy this afternoon! She is so excited! The crib does look awesome!! Can’t wait to see everything when the nursery is ready!

  3. I like that crib better, anyway! It sort of looks like a picket fence, like they might have around the ticket booth at Jungle Land nursery. And the assembly tool was INCLUDED?! Fantastic! I think Babies R Us was a good choice for registry.

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