Pasta Salads and Pregnancy Cravings

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been completely obsessed with this pasta salad I ate several years ago in college. See, the cafeteria back at UIC had a refrigerated case full of salads and deli sandwiches, and one in particular became my favorite: it was a pasta salad with rotini, broccoli, green peppers, and cucumbers tossed in a creamy zesty sauce and topped with a nice scoop of tuna salad. It was the best thing ever, and I looked for it every time I ate in that cafeteria.

Then one day, the whole deli case was unexpectedly gone. I asked one of the cafeteria ladies what had happened, and she told me that the company that had stocked it was going out of business. It was a sad day, but these things happen, and life goes on.

Fast forward to the present: I’m seven months pregnant, and the one thing I’m craving the most is this pasta salad made by a company that doesn’t exist anymore. What ever can I do in this situation?

Let me remind you, I’m completely obsessed. I’ve dragged Joe to the deli counter at the grocery store at least once to raid their pasta salad selection… and it was good, but it just wasn’t the same. I’ve also tried to backward-engineer the recipe at home, and even attempted it twice in a row this week, with results were less than satisfying.

Somehow I just couldn’t let it go. So yesterday morning when I was desperately searching the internet for some better pasta salad recipes to try out, I discovered something amazing: that small, obscure catering company that I’d thought was out of business still existed under the name Good To Go Fresh. And they still made that pasta salad.

So I phoned their headquarters and made a very confused customer service guy tell me where I could buy one. And by some stroke of luck, it turned out they were stocked in a Walgreens just a few blocks from my office. So I strolled over there during my lunch break, and sure enough, there it was.

And that’s how the pasta salad and I were reunited after years of separation. And the clouds parted, and angels sang.

The delicious and soon-to-be-eaten pasta salad I wanted.

Unfortunately, articles like this one recommend that pregnant women eat no more than six ounces of tuna per week, so even though this yummy thing is available so nearby, I can’t make it any kind of regular habit. (Which is arguably a good thing — I think Joe would have a heart attack if I started getting takeout for lunch every day at a time when we’re trying hard to be more frugal.) But overall it was a happy ending to the story.

What do you think? Is this the most insanely food-obsessed thing you’ve ever heard? Do you have any crazy stories of lusting after a particular dish, pregnancy-related or not? I’d love to hear any amusing stories in the comments.

Update: Speaking of food-obsessed, here’s something kind of fun: the blog Peas and Crayons holds a weekly food party where bloggers from all over the internet share pictures and stories about what they’ve eaten over the past week. Click here, or on the banner to the right, to check it out!



  1. I don’t recall any pregnancy cravings, but have a mildly funny pre-pregnancy food combo story:

    When Joe’s dad and I were first married, he noticed me eating butter-pecan ice cream, and dipping Ruffles potato chips in it as if it were dip. He thought it was an odd combo, and asked if I were pregnant (I wasn’t). A few days later, he related this “strange craving” to my dad, who replied “oh, that’s not strange, I eat that all the time”, at which point Bill jumped up and pointed at my dad and said “YOU’RE pregnant TOO!”

  2. Not any weird ones, but I did crave lima beans and rice with Amy. With Hayley, I refused to eat pepperoni on pizza when I loved double pepperoni before! After she was born, I went right back to it! Pregnancy can do some numbers on your body!

  3. I realize this comment is nearly two years after the original post. However, I had to share my story. I am 12w along with my first. I have been maniacally searching the internet to assure that my craving of pasta salad is safe. It’s the weekend, and my ob’s office is closed. I am glad to see I am not the only one craving pasta salad. The salad I am craving (and finally gave in to) is an Italian style salad. I

  4. Sorry, I clicked post before I was ready lol. *I was concerned as the salad contains feta. I learned that if the feta is made with pasteurized milk it is safe. I made the salad at home, and have indulged since. Funny thing is, the more I eat of the salad, the more I pick around the feta. The recipe is very yummy though!

    • Hi Janice! Thanks for taking the time to comment — I love hearing from people even long after a post has been published, and it’s nice knowing I wasn’t the only one with random pasta salad cravings during pregnancy, haha. Glad to hear you were able to indulge in a tasty-sounding pasta salad recipe, and congrats on your first! :)

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