Painting the Nursery

This past weekend, we finally got around to painting the bedroom that we plan on turning into Baby Hart’s nursery. Of all the rooms in the house, we’ve easily done the least with this one — in fact, up until a few minutes before we got started with the painting, this bedroom was still a storage area for tools and a graveyard for dismantled moving boxes:

The nursery as seen before the painting started.

My sister Laura and my brother Jason were generous enough to spend their Sunday helping with the painting, which we planned to do in a pale green with a simple safari mural in a darker green on one wall — the basic idea was originally laid out in this post from a few days ago. We ended up going with Behr’s “Tinker Bell” for the lighter green and “Friendly Frog” for the darker green, both color-matched to Olympic’s no-VOC premium interior paint in an eggshell finish at Lowe’s. Here’s what it looked like when we finished:

The newly-painted nursery as seen from the doorway.

I mentioned before that my sister is a ridiculously talented art student, and she was the one who tackled the mural. It was pretty impressive — she just looked at that silhouette image I posted a few days ago and sketched out the tree and elephants on the wall, in giant proportions, like it was the easiest thing ever.

Hand-painted safari mural in the nursery.

As for the rest of the painting, Joe and Jason and Laura did the vast majority of the work — all I ended up doing was helping with some of the white trim along the floor and doorway. (In the process, I realized how hard it’s getting to maneuver and get up and down off the floor with the added weight and an ever-growing belly. Oh the joys of pregnancy!)

The painted nursery as seen from the closet.

Anyway, that’s how things turned out with the nursery painting project. And now that the walls are no longer covered in smudges and freshly-spackled nail holes, we can feel free to start bringing in the rest of the nursery stuff — like a crib and furniture and all those important things. We’re planning to start looking at cribs this weekend, so hopefully if we keep working at this pace we’ll be able to have everything prepared by the baby’s due date at the beginning of November.

But wow, it’s approaching fast — less than eleven weeks now! Where does the time go?


  1. Oh, it just turned out grand! And a big Thank You to Laura and Jason!

    Eleven weeks — you can get a lot done in 11 weeks. And BTW, can you set up a Baby Registry for all of us so we can get some of the things you need without duplicates? I see some good deals on and they have a wish list.

  2. Yup, looks fantastic! And I like the idea of a registry. We’ve been trying to find out who has the “Lyle crib” Joe’s grandmama bought when he was born, but I saw a program the other day about drop-side cribs no longer being considered safe, so I guess you’d not be able to use it even if we found it. :( So we’ll just have to settle for helping you get new stuff. :)

  3. The nursery looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it with everything in it! A registry is a great idea. We don’t want to give you duplicates of everything. Love you both!

  4. Thanks everyone! I’m glad the painting turned out. :) We’re currently thinking about a registry and will keep everyone posted as soon as we figure something out.

  5. This looks amazing! I love the design and the subtleness of using the two shades of green (rather than a contrast). I also really love using the elephants on the wall.
    I found you via twitter, thanks so much for the tweet!
    Good luck with the rest of the nursery.

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