Nursery Painting Ideas

Earlier this week, we picked up some swatches so we could start thinking about paint colors for the nursery. We’ve been leaning toward a wildlife / safari kind of theme ever since the rocking lion unexpectedly fell into our lap, so a pale green seemed like it’d be an ideal color for the room. Narrowing it down to a specific shade, on the other hand, seemed like it might be a bit more challenging — there are just so many colors to choose from when you walk into the paint section at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

So many colors to choose from...

But after a bit of browsing and comparing, one color did end up jumping out at us: Behr’s pale green called “Tinker Bell.” (It appears to be part of a Disney-affiliated line of paints marketed specifically towards kids’ rooms.) This particular shade of green seemed bright and cheerful, yet not so bold or so saturated that it would be overpowering to paint an entire room with:

Tinker Bell green. Image from here.

Back in June, I wrote this blog post that looked at a selection of novel nursery designs, some of which featured elaborate murals. While it seemed like a mural would be a sweet and lovely addition to any baby’s room, there was one small problem: neither Joe nor I have any experience when it comes to painting such things.

But while elaborate, multicolored, quasi-photo-realistic murals may be way above our skill level, I had to wonder if maybe a simple mural would be within our grasp — something like the following silhouette involving just two shades of green:

Possible nursery mural? Image loosely based on this photograph.

For something like this, if we could just sketch the basic outline on the wall, I would think that filling it in with paint shouldn’t be too far beyond our capabilities. (Although that initial sketching step may be much more difficult than I give it credit for.)

Anyway, maybe I’m being unnecessarily cautious here — I do happen to have a sister who’s an incredibly talented art student, and she may be willing to use her painting ninja-skills to do something more elaborate. I should have a better idea what the game plan is after tomorrow, so stay tuned for a follow-up post with the final decision and/or results!


  1. I love that shade of green! It seems like a cool and relaxing color and perfect for theme you’re planning. I also really love the idea of the mural! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Oooh, wish I could zoom up there instead of going back to work tomorrow! If you can get your hands on a presentation projector, you could just project that picture you have posted here onto the wall, and trace it. I love that subtle silhouette idea, though, I think you will be far less likely to tire of it than some of those trendy nurseries. And more leeway to change it up with pillows and quilts and even wall hangings.

  3. Love the color, and I like the silhouette tree, but not the animals. Another way to get it up on the wall is to use a grid over your drawing, then reproduce with pencil a square at a time, then paint. You can use masking tape to mark off the grid on the wall. Do the jungle animals in quilts, wall hangings, etc. The tree would be good for future themes like castle fantasies, or flowers, or birds, etc.

    Of course if Laura would do it, that would really be super!

  4. Thanks for the feedback and link — although unfortunately I didn’t see it in time to incorporate any of the ideas / suggestions into the painting, which we went ahead with today largely based on the plan set forth in this post. (Sorry!) I’ll post some pics showing how it turned out soon.

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