27 Weeks: Featuring Fun New Pregnancy Symptoms

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything pregnancy-related, so I figure an update is in order. Hard as it is to believe, I’ve already made it to 27 weeks — the tail end of the second trimester — and passed an important milestone somewhere along the way: according to BabyCenter, Baby Hart is now developed enough that she could survive (with a lot of medical help) if she were to be born today. The following is an artist’s depiction of how she’s growing:

Figure 1. Baby's development at 27 weeks. Image source: BabyCenter.

She’s also kicking so hard these days that I swear I can see my whole belly shake — must be a sure sign of a strong, healthy baby! Of course, there have been some fun new pregnancy symptoms popping up these past few weeks. In no particular order:

Unruly Ligaments – According to the internet, it seems like pretty much every minor ache can be blamed on these pesky things. The latest development has involved my hips feeling all out of whack, which tends to result in me walking slower.

Swollen Feet – I’ve noticed my feet and ankles looking a little puffy, especially at the end of the day. This particular symptom isn’t causing me much discomfort — if anything, it just makes my abnormally long and bony Olive Oyl feet look more like normal human feet.

Figure 2. Disproportionate cartoon feet on Popeye's girlfriend Olive Oyl.

The only downside is that the cute strappy sandals I bought last summer don’t fit so comfortably these days, so I’ve been forced to upgrade to a pair of average everyday flip-flops.

Heartburn – I’ve never been one to get heartburn much, so when it started up a week or two back, it was almost an unfamiliar sensation. Apparently it’s common enough during pregnancy, and it seems to be made worse by eating spicy foods, although so far this hasn’t stopped me from bingeing on jalapeƱo cream cheese taquitos and the like.

Weight Gain – Speaking of eating delicious unhealthy things, I suppose it’s no coincidence that I’ve gained a bit more weight than would be ideal at this stage in the pregnancy. At my last doctor’s appointment, I was up a full 28 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight — which is a bit much considering that I still have a full trimester to go, and they say you shouldn’t gain much more than 25-30 pounds total.

On the plus side, the doctor seemed more concerned about my ability to lose the weight after childbirth than she did about any adverse health risks to me or the baby at this stage. And since I figure some challenges recovering and getting back into shape are just a part of the deal with pregnancy, my current attitude is not to worry about it too much until after the baby’s born.

Anyway, all my whining about aches and weight gain may be a tad overblown. This past weekend, two of our closest friends treated us to an extended weekend at their family’s vacation house in California, and we spent four days strolling around San Francisco, touring the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and even doing some hiking on these gorgeous trails along the pacific coast. I think I was able to keep up reasonably well — and I feel pretty lucky that I’m still feeling good enough to be doing all these things.

It’ll be interesting to see how long into the third trimester that will last!


  1. There is an old wives tail about heartburn. Supposedly, if you have heartburn it means the baby will be born with hair. And as for the ligaments acting up… wait til you get a charlie horse cramp in your calf. You swear you’ll never be able to walk correctly again while they have a “grip” on you and you’d sell your soul to get them to quit. What worked for me when I got them was to stand on tiptoe (which is no easy feat) and keep the muscles and tendons stretched as much as possible until the cramp stops.

  2. Tips for weight control (I gained 54 pounds with Joe, while “not eating enough”): keep up the exercise, limit these foods: peanut butter, corn, creamed carrots (raw is fine) and ice cream (substitute yogurt). Eat lots of whole grain, and no added sugar. Oh, and breast-feeding after helps you lose weight faster, plus health benefits for baby!

    Tips for the feet: airport socks, the kind that help circulation when flying.

    Tips for the heartburn: A wedge pillow for sleeping, and ask doc about exercises for the stomach/esophogus muscles, as it is baby pressing upward and muscles relaxing that causes the heartburn.

    Hang in there, you’re doing great!

  3. Oh yes. I remember those uncomfortable things about pregnancy, but I also remember how amazing those times of my life were! Thinking about that precious life growing inside you and then seeing that beautiful face when she’s born makes all of it worthwhile. It sounds like you’re doing great! It’s not too terribly long now.

    Isn’t Babycenter awesome? It was such a godsend when I was pregnant with Amy.

  4. Thanks for the comments and tips everyone! I have a feeling these last few months will fly by, and hopefully the third trimester will be reasonably comfortable and uncomplicated. :)

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