Chicago Heat Wave

Over the past few days, temperatures have been soaring to record highs here in the Windy City. Both today and yesterday, it made it up to over 100 degrees — and according to the Chicago Tribune, this is the worst heat wave our city has seen since way back in 1995.

It’s times like these that I’m extremely grateful to be spending most of my days in an extremely well-air-conditioned downtown office. Since I work a full-time schedule and pack my lunch from home, I get to completely avoid the worst of the midday heat… though I have to feel sorry for any of my miserable, sweaty coworkers who come in to work at 1:00 in the afternoon, or venture outside at lunchtime for a sandwich.

But sitting at my desk, the only real indicaton of the sweltering outside temperature comes from the weather forecast widget on my computer:

My weather widget as seen this afternoon.

All this isn’t to say that I haven’t noticed the heat, though… Unfortunately, it’s still been well into the 80’s and 90’s for my commute to and from work. And I can’t say it’s been the most comfortable thing, what with being all heavy and pregnant right now.

It’s interesting how attuned to this people on the steet have been. On a number of occasions, random strangers have stopped and told me to be careful, drink lots of water, and hurry back inside as quickly as possible.

I even had a rather lengthy conversation with an older lady yesterday while waiting for the elevator up from the subway. (The elevator is supposed to be there to make it wheelchair-accessible, but stairs are on that list of things I feel less and less like doing these days.) Anyway, she glanced at my belly and said, “I bet you’re not enjoying this heat.”

“No, not really,” I answered. (Probably a bit of an understatement.) She went on to tell me about how her pregnancy with her second baby had spanned the summer months, and how she would hide inside every day until the sun went down. Then she asked, “Is this your first one?”

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Oh. I won’t scare you, then.” And she didn’t say anything else after that. Which was probably a bit more worrisome than whatever she could have told me.

Anyway, that’s my story of what happens when you talk to strangers in the subway.


  1. And here I’d been thinking you were at least missing out on THAT fun facet of summer pregnancy – the extreme heat I mean, not the “helpful” strangers. But I am a little glad to hear they give advice; puts the “civil” back in civilization. Anyhow, the “hydrate” advice is absolutely correct, and with stuff like juice and Propel, not just water, so you are replacing electrolytes. At our 4th of July event, which was IN air-conditioning (albeit people in and out), a friend had to go to hospital because he overworked without enough gatorade-type stuff. They had to IV him until salt tablets kicked in, because drinking plain water wasn’t doing it. Oops, now *I* am sounding scary, LOL. Just keep comfy, and let other people sweat!

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