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Since we found out we’re having a girl at the ultrasound last month (read more about that experience here), I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the girliest nurseries I’ve found so far while browsing the internets. While many nursery designs could plausibly work for either gender, I think the following rooms are sufficiently pink and frilly that they practically scream “baby girl” at the top of their lungs.

For instance, this first example was created for a baby girl named Juliet — her name was apparently the inspiration for the design. The room was intended to be elegant and romantic, with old-fashioned furniture and even some Shakespeare thrown into the mix. With everything in soft pink and white, there’s no denying that the end result has a very feminine look:

“Juliet” nursery in pale pink and white. Image from here.

This next example took sort of a “pink meets jungle” approach: the jungle creatures above the crib were the starting point for the room design, which expanded to include the pink walls with polka dots and the various geometric furnishings. On a whole the room has a modern and not-so-traditional look, but it still comes across very girl-appropriate:

Pink nursery with polka dots and jungle creatures. Image from here.

Speaking of polka dots, this next example may have gone a little overboard with them. In an attempt to create something fun and cheerful that would work for their baby daughter well into the toddler and childhood phase, the parents they covered the walls with polka dot decals in bright, saturated colors — but once again all the pink everywhere keeps it looking very girly:

Pink nursery with multicolored dots on the walls. Image from here.

This next example took a slightly different approach: instead of painting all of the walls pink, they opted for a soft gray accented by one wall of pink wallpaper in a vintage pattern. (That combination of modern and vintage carries throughout the room — just compare the style of the crib and dresser to the lamp, chandelier, and photo frame on the wall to the left.) But despite the few “grown-up” touches, all of the pink in the wallpaper, curtains, and accessories definitely keep it looking fit for a baby girl:

Pink and gray nursery. Image from here.

Continuing with the pink and gray theme, this next example took a similar approach, painting the walls in shades of gray and white, this time without including any pink wallpaper. But the pink butterflies and trees on the walls, as well as the other pink decorations and accessories, balance things out to result in a decidedly girly space:

Nursery with gray walls and butterfly decorations. Image from here.

This last example involves a complete absence of pink: apparently the mother loved lavender, and the father vetoed that aforementioned stereotypical girl color. But even by itself lavender comes across as pretty feminine, and with the addition of floral fabric in the crib bedding and changing table — as well as the flower decorations on the wall and the little butterfly mobile — the end result is a charming and fitting nursery for a baby girl:

Lavender nursery. Image from here.

Anyway, having looked at all of these examples, and put some thought into it, we’re probably going to end up doing something completely different. As I mentioned in this post, our unexpectedly-acquired rocking lion has been inspiring us to pursue a jungle-slash-wildlife sort of theme, which will probably fall into a much more gender-neutral category than any of these examples. (Plus, due to some concerns expressed in this post, we’re probably going to avoid painting any walls pink anyway.)

That being said, it would be nice to add some little girly touches to whatever nursery setup we eventually end up going with — and some little pink or purple flowers and butterflies should fit right in with a theme inspired by jungle animals and wildlife. But I’m curious — does anyone know of any great examples of mostly-gender-neutral nurseries with some small feminine details mixed in? By all means feel free to share a link in the comments!


  1. Well, being an English major, I absolutely love the top one! I must say that I love pink, but there is such a thing as too pink! I definitely think a wildlife theme is definitely called for here, but as far as colors and such go, I will leave that to the artist in our bunch.

  2. Here’s some I found:

    And this is a neat idea – a chest of drawers turned upside down for changing table, then turned over later for regular chest:

    I like the softer ideas of the Gentle Jungle at Parents Magazine:

  3. I’m not a big fan of pink OR lavender, especially as an all over color. Ignoring color, my favorite is the last “pink” room, with the tree mural on one wall. You could make that just a little more “jungley” looking, in realistic colors on one wall, then have the other 3 walls go “sunset” gradations. That’d work a little pink in.

  4. Thanks for the comments and suggestions! I love the idea of adding little pink flowers in the lion’s mane or other random places — I think it should help a general jungle theme look more like a baby girl’s room. (And as an added bonus, if we do turn out to be in that 5% of people who get the wrong ultrasound prediction, it would be pretty easy to revert it back to a more gender-neutral setup.)

    Hopefully we’ll have things fleshed out better decorating-wise within the next week or so — we’ve been gearing up to pick a wall color, paint, start crib shopping, etc. I’ll post more details and pics as things progress. :)

  5. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for your quick response and for the awesome link to Etsy :) Amazing!
    I will let you know if I find the same, but the link you sent is great.

    Have a good day

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