22 Weeks: Baby Movement & Other Updates

According to the Wikipedia article, it’s typical for a woman to start feeling fetal movement at around 18-20 weeks in a first pregnancy, and that’s been pretty accurate to my experience. I think I felt the first flutterings shortly after the 20-week ultrasound appointment (more about that here) — and I actually may have felt some earlier, but for the longest time it was hard for me to tell the difference between actual movement and non-meaningful belly rumblings.

But by now, I’m feeling what I’m 100% sure is actual baby movement, and it really is an interesting sensation being kicked from the inside by these adorable tiny baby feet:

Baby's feet, as seen in the 20-week ultrasound.

For the first few days I felt anything, it seemed like baby would sleep all day, and then wake up and start doing the river dance at about 11:00 pm. But since then, she’s shaken up her routine, and I haven’t been able to detect much of a pattern — just random spurts of movement at random times during the day.

In other news, I’m definitely starting to look visibly pregnant at this point. (I should probably post a “baby bump” picture soon just for completeness sake.) Not just that, but apparently I look so pregnant that random people on the street have actually asked me how far along I am. Which I find interesting — I had thought that, in the interest of avoiding a potentially embarrassing faux pas, you weren’t supposed to comment on a stranger’s being pregnant unless you actually see a baby coming out of her.

In a last bit of news, I may need to start slowing down a bit. This past weekend, I actually had a few mild abdominal pains — nothing remotely severe, but Joe insisted on calling the doctor just to play it safe. The doctor said the most likely culprit was round ligament pain, which can often arise after excessive physical activity… and since I’d been running around working on various house-related things, I didn’t doubt that was the cause.

A good night’s sleep was enough to clear it up, and I’ve since been instructed to try not to overdo it. It was all a tiny bit disappointing, though — I’ve heard all sorts of things about the second trimester being the glorious high-energy phase of pregnancy, and here a little work on the house was apparently too much for me. Le sigh.


  1. The pains can also be the baby’s head pressing on the sciatic nerves – not dangerous in any way, as far as I know, but feels like your kidney is being removed! As for night-kicking, your hubby did that on a regular basis, to the point that I drew a cartoon of him dancing and moving furniture around in his “baby apartment” (me); and the one night he DIDN’T dance, I got so worried, I poked at him until I woke him up. Of course I immediately regretted THAT, as I could have used the sleep!

  2. Oh, that’s awesome. I remember feeling my babies move. It’s such an amazing sensation! And don’t worry. You can still do some things around the house. Just be sure to take several breaks while you work so you don’t wear yourself out. We want a healthy mommy and baby! Hugs!!

  3. High energy doesn’t mean that your muscles have greater strength! Best advice I got when I was pregnant (50 something years ago) was to take a walk every day. Ask your doc to see if that is a good idea. It was my Mom who gave me that tip! So I guess it classifies as “old wives tale.”

    I think people can tell you’re pregnant from the glow of joy and the anticipation of this miracle that you project!

    Love you both — no wait, love you all three!

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