Mysterious Pregnancy Abbreviations Defined

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed something rather curious while browsing the various pregnancy-related blogs and forums: people really like to abbreviate things. This has admittedly been a source of confusion and mild frustration, especially when I’d come across the some of the more Google-resistant ones that happen to match company names and job titles and whatever else.

So in the interest of improving the information quality of the internet, I’ve decided to put together a list defining as many of these abbreviations as I could. In alphabetical order:

  • BPP = Biophysical Profile
  • CFM = Continuous Fetal Monitoring
  • CNM = Certified Nurse Midwife
  • CS = Caesarean Section
  • DD = Dear Daughter
  • DF = Dear Fiance
  • DH = Dear Husband
  • DS = Dear Son
  • EFM = Electronic Fetal Monitoring
  • FTP = Failure to Progress (in labor)
  • FTT = Failure to Thrive (infants)
  • GBS = Group B Strep
  • GDM = Gestational Diabetes
  • HB = Home Birth
  • LO = Little One
  • NST = Fetal Non-Stress Test
  • PIH = Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
  • PPD = Postpartum Depression
  • TOL = Trial of Labor
  • UC = Unassisted Childbirth
  • US = Ultrasound
  • VBAC = Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

And I’m sure I’ll update this list as time goes by, since there are likely tons that I’ve missed. (Although I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that there are so many of these in the first place. Is it really that hard to write out two or three extra words?)


  1. Yes, apparently, some people are lazy. Amy’s dad insisted that we shorten her name so she wouldn’t have to go to all the trouble of writing out a long name. I wanted to name her Rebecca. He even wanted to have his last name shortened to Jaxn, like Jackson is that long! Anyway, it’s good that you compiled a list. I was so confused by those when I first joined Babycenter. How are you feeling?

  2. Thanks for the comment! My dad actually had a similar issue when it came to naming the three of us — I think he was worried about misspelling our names, so we maxed out at five letters each. But I think it worked out well enough. :)

    Outright changing last names sounds pretty silly though — especially exchanging a fairly common one for something much more irregular just to save three letters!

  3. Oh, and still feeling pretty great! Although I’ve gained enough weight at this point that I’m starting to get winded when climbing long flights of stairs and such. I should probably see about starting some kind of exercise plan.

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