The End of the House-Buying Tunnel

After weeks of back-and-forths with our real estate agent, lawyer, and mortgage broker — not to mention mountains of paperwork — today we finally received word that everything has been finalized, and closing on our new house is scheduled for later this week. (Yay!)

All in all, I think things have gone pretty smoothly, even if we did run into a couple of delays. We started looking at houses in March, and made our offer on this one towards the beginning of April. We worked out a price with the seller, had the home inspection done, and were originally hoping to close by the middle of May — but it’s taken until just this week to finally get everything in order.

On top of various small delays, the big thing holding up our mortgage was the handful of minor repairs the sellers had to complete in order to make the FHA happy. This included fresh paint wherever the paint was peeling, fixing an outlet in the bathroom, and repairing a couple of cracked windows. To complicate matters, there was some sort of miscommunication that resulted in the sellers not knowing they were supposed to fix one of the windows, so that added an extra week or so while they worked on it.

But now that the repairs are done and the paperwork has gone through, all that remains is the final walk-through and the closing — and I think we’re cautiously optimistic that no more surprise delays will pop up over the next few days.

If everything goes according to plan, our hope is to be moved out of our current apartment before the end of the month, although we’ll see how that goes — we wanted to have a couple of things done on the house before moving in. (The biggest one is to have the floors refinished, since that’s the sort of thing that involves so much dust and fumes and furniture-moving that it would be preferable to get it out of the way before we’re actually living there.)

But one way or the other, I’ll probably be posting more house updates and/or pictures over the next few days as things play out.


  1. Ditto on the yaaaay! And you didn’t have many more delays than typical; I think 3 months is quite common these days.

  2. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations! I am so excited for you! And I can’t wait to come up there and see it in person!

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