Closing Day

Well, it’s official: Joe and I are now homeowners! We closed on our little Chicago bungalow this afternoon. (For more on the trials and tribulations leading up to this moment, check out this post.) It’s almost hard to believe that we own a house now, but I’m really glad everything went through.

Standing in front of the new house after closing with keys in hand.

Last night, we went for the final walk-through, and I was a little surprised that instead of just the seller (who we’d met before), his son and daughters and several grandkids were all there. Apparently this house has been in the same family since 1959, and it’s being sold now that the elderly couple who lived in it have passed away. So they were all going around taking pictures of “grandma’s house” for the last time.

Closing went pretty smoothly — it took a little under three hours. The sellers seemed to finish their batch of paperwork much more quickly than we finished ours, so they spent most of that time telling colorful stories about wedding fights and drawing pictures of forts on scratch paper.

The only notable problem that came up was that my name was misspelled on every single document — they’d put in my middle initial as “B” instead of “P,” probably as a result of looking at one of the earlier tax records from before I got married and changed my name. It was too late to revise all of the documents, so I had to cross it out and initial the edit every single place my name was printed on all of the dozens of pages we had to sign. Boo.

But other than that, there were no nasty surprises, no delays, and we left with the keys to our new house, which we promptly ran to try out. So next comes the fun part: moving in, which we’re aiming to do next weekend if everything happens quickly with the floors. More updates on that coming soon!


  1. This is wonderful!! I am so happy for you!! What an amazing (and a little scary) feeling to own your own home! I just know that you are going to have many wonderful years there! Congratulations and hugs to you both!

  2. Awww, that sounds like a neat family, and probably means the house has been well-maintained. Congratulations, and remember to make Joe do all the manual labor! You get to preside over picking colors and arranging stuff ;^)

    Post inside pix ASAP!

  3. Thanks everyone! The house definitely has a cared-for homey vibe to it, much different than some of the foreclosures we looked at that just felt abandoned. More pics to come shortly!

  4. Ahh my dear ones, I do so wish I could be there, I could be of help I think.
    You will do fine, get a really good cordless drill, with plenty of spare driver bits, you WILL need them!
    When things get to be a bit much, remember what your Paw Paw always said, “The harder you work, the more important it is to play!” So take time out, you and Sarah, and go remember why you fell in love to start with.
    Our current plan is for Julie, Rachel, Robert and I to rent a van and come up in early December, but if that is too soon just let us know.
    I would love to be there now of course, but reality has this nasty habit of getting in the way, lol
    Btw, the stained glass windows need to be seen from the inside too, just sayin….

    Well, if you ever need someone to yak at, you know where to find me.
    The Old Man loves you all very much, and always will, just give him a shout, bye for now, Dad.

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